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Penguin Land Classic Description
Penguin Land is an interesting puzzle game that even has a bit of physics in it.

You play as a Penguin who must drop his egg(which bobbles back and forth like eggs do in real life) down 55 rows without it
breaking. There is an obligatory enemy(a bear). The types of blocks are what make the puzzles.

Your penguin can dig left and right. There are boulders to push, super solid blocks, floating platforms, blocks that drop a crushing door, and half-broken blocks. Some even only allow a penguin or an egg through.

There are some cute tricks such as dropping your penguin off the
bottom of the screen to appear at the top.

You can get a feel for the first level solidly before moving
on. Many puzzles make you take almost all 300 bonus seconds in a level, but you won’t die if you run out of the time.

Left/right: Gets you moving. You fall down any pits and if you go to the bottom, you reappear at the top, with only your feet showing if you land on ground. You can still perform the usual actions.

Button A: jump. You can change directions or push a boulder in midair. When the egg is stuck in a dead end, you can also pull it out by pressing button A.

Button B: dig in the direction you face. It takes time and a bear can run across as you dig. You have to move, retreat and dig to dig a few holes in a row. You can only dig solid blocks. You can also shake a boulder beneath if nothing is below it.

The key things to note about your egg are:

- it will break if you land on it with blocks to the left and right.
- it will squirt off to the left or right. You can decide which way depending on if you land to the left or right. And if you follow the egg down a shaft, then you can still push left/right to make the egg go the other way.
- your penguin can fall off the bottom of the screen and regenerate at the top. Similarly it can jump off the screen and there won't be any obstacles there. Your penguin also goes to the top after being mauled by a crusher or boulder.
- your penguin can jump up 3 levels, and the egg can fall 3. It is buffered if it falls on a crumbling or disappearing brick.
- bears tend to run at you if they see you, but you can drop a brick or dig to its side or push the boulder to the bear to kill them.
- if an egg falls into a 1-wide pit you don't have to land on it. You can try to dig on either side and fall in.
- you can run over an egg in a 2-wide pit. In fact you probably will, so if you want to kick it to the other square, it's better to jump on it.
- while pushing the egg you are immune to the bear. The bear always attacks the egg first.
- You can jar a boulder from above by B button, causing it to fall.
- You can jump up and push a boulder in midair.
- When the egg is stuck in a dead end, you can pull it out by pressing button A.

Good luck !
Penguin Land Classic 1.0 Update
2020-03-03 Version History
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146.9 MB
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