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The world is like a long dream. Take shelter in Guru, Everything is unreal.
When you perceive the things in Dream You take them all to be real, When you wake up and perceive They are all false and unreal. The world of name and forms is like The dream you have during the night, You take them all as real things, But they are only false and transient (Guru Guru)The only one which really exists Is that God with Brahmic Splendour Wake up, wake up, wake up to Light, Wake up, wake up, from Maya“s sleep, And see the things in their proper light.

The analysis of dreams and their cause by psychoanalysts are defective. They maintain that
the cause of dream creation lies in the suppressed desires of the dreamer. Can they create dreams as
they like by suppressing desires? No, they cannot do that. They say that desires stimulate or help the
dream creation. But they do not know what supplies the material out of which they are made and
what turns the desires into actual expression, enabling the dreamer see his own suppressed desires
materialised and appearing to him as real.

The desires only supply the impulse. The mind creates the dream out of the materials
supplied by the experiences of the waking state. The dream creatures spring up from the bed of
Samskaras or impressions in the subconscious mind. Indigestion also causes dream. The Taijasa is
the dreamer. It is the waking personality that creates the dream personality. The dream personality
exists as the object of the waking personality and is real only as such.
The waking and dreaming states do not exist independently side by side as real units.
Why do we dream? Various answers have been given to this question. Dreams are nothing
but a reflection of our waking experience in a new form. The medical view is that dreams are due to
some organic disturbances somewhere in the body, but more particularly in the stomach.
Sometimes coming diseases appear in dreams.

According to Sigmund Freud all dreams without any exception are wish-fulfilment. The
physical stimulus alone is not responsible for the production of dreams. The dream mechanism is
very intricate. The wishes are of an immoral nature. They are revolting to the moral self, which
exercises a control on their appearance. Therefore, the wishes appear in disguised forms to evade
the moral censor. Very few dreams present the wishes as they really are. Dreams are the partial
gratification of the wishes. They relieve the mental tension and thus enable us to enjoy repose. They
are safety valves to strong impulsions. You will know your animal-self in the dream.
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