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Please Save My Pandemonium! Description
Please Save My Pandemonium! is a free cloud-based idle fantasy simulation RPG.
Pandemonium has been trampled down by the humans, and the prince of darkness is striving to take back his land.

As the prince of darkness, you organize an army of monsters.
Just select the operation time, strategy and items to bring, and then send your army to the battlefield.
The operation time is real world time. A 30-minute operation means the return of your army after 30 actual minutes.
Once the operation is over, you can get rescued monsters and items taken back in battle.
Surviving monsters gain experience and become stronger.
Some monsters will evolve into other monsters.
The Devil King himself also becomes stronger with experience, and is attended by more monsters.
You can hire mercenaries, buy items and build your headquarters with acquired money.
Then organize your army again for the next battle.

There is only one goal:
Take back all of Pandemonium from the humans.


-The throne of the Devil King
Allows you to manage everything about your army
You can check the properties of monsters and items, as well as land taken back from the humans.

- Recapturing operation
You will battle to recapture land from the humans.
Select operation time (real time), region to recapture, strategy and items to bring.
Then organize a party from your army.

-Your headquarters
You can rebuild your headquarters, hire/sell monsters, purchase/sell items.

-Operation record
Allows you to check past operation records and results by battlefield.

Various support for Please Save My Pandemonium! available.
Make use of your master plan and luck to take back Pandemonium from the humans.
Prove that you are the true Prince of Darkness!


This application is designed to create a prince of darkness for each device. You cannot play as the same prince of darkness on another device. If your device receives a new device number after repair, etc., your prince of darkness will be lost.


The land of Pandemonium was very peaceful and tranquil.

The King was a great father.
The Queen was a gentle mother.
I was their beloved child.

It was thought this happiness would last forever, but it was shattered by the sudden attack of the humans.
Many monsters were killed, and most of the survivors were captured.
All the treasure of Pandemonium was stolen.
Most of our land was now in human hands.

And my father and mother were also killed.

I ran for my life to the end of our land, to the end of the world.
I was accompanied only by a goblin.

I thought it might be the end of everything.
But I didn't want things to end.

Before I escaped, my father spoke his last words.

“As long as you are alive, Pandemonium lives on.
As long as you don’t give up, we will not lose.”

I am at the end of our land.
Where the power of the humans can’t reach.

I must fight.
I cannot run any more.

I looked into the eyes of my loyal goblin.
And strained to give my first order as the King.

“Take back our land from the humans!”

After a moment of silence, the goblin nodded.
And he started running with a war cry.

With great courage.
He made a reckless charge.
On a mission for the King.

Watching the receding back of the goblin, I prayed.
I just prayed.

“Please Save My Pandemonium!”

The battle for tomorrow began.
Please Save My Pandemonium! 5.0.10 Update
2020-01-19 Version History
* Fixed bugs.
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16.6 MB
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