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Plesiosauria Dinosaur game Description
Interesting expedition series of dinosaur world with baby dinosaur, Coco
Dinosaur expedition series for kids – Dinosaur games, Dinosaur plays
“World of plesiosaurs”

1. Exciting plesiosaurs world – dinosaur game
The world of plesiosaurs unfolded in the sea of the dinosaur era
An action game in which the plesiosaur swims in the sea and gets bigger as it eats food.
A dinosaur game set in the dinosaur era, which kids like
The action game of a dinosaur character that kids will like
The underwater dinosaur game unfolded by fearsome plesiosaurs
Exciting sound effects bring more interest to the game

2. Plesiosaur sticker play, which kids can learn about dinosaurs with fun
The plesiosaur sticker play, which kids can learn about plesiosaurs with fun
As you complete the stickers, you can learn more about dinosaurs.
You can learn about dinosaurs in an interesting manner by comparing the sizes of plesiosaurs through the illustrations of plesiosaurs.

3. World of plesiosaurs - Story
During the dinosaur era, fearsome giants were swimming under the sea. If there are dinosaurs on land, there were more gigantic plesiosaurs in the sea.
The plesiosaurs’ mouth and teeth were overly large compared to their body. So, they were able to hunt prey that was much larger than them. However, baby dinosaur Coco fell into the sea while exploring the dinosaur world with a pterosaur. As Coco fell into the sea, the plesiosaurs attacked to eat Coco. However, Coco hid inside a large conch shell, evading the plesiosaurs.
Coco was able to escape from danger but he was surprised to see all plesiosaurs inside the sea.

4. Features of dinosaur game
Dinosaur breeding game breeding Mosasaurus, a baby plesiosaur through dinosaur hunting
Funny sound effects are played every time baby Mosasaurus hunts for dinosaur.
It is an interesting dinosaur breeding game which the plesiosaurs grow as it eats food by hunting dinosaurs.
All the plesiosaurs lived in the sea at the time when dinosaurs were appearing. You can give educational elements to the kids through dinosaur breeding game.
The process of dinosaur hunting is illustrated in an interesting way that kids will like.
The level of difficulty increases as game stages are cleared and the dinosaur hunting gets more exciting.
Plesiosauria Dinosaur game 1.8 Update
2020-03-18 Version History
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73.6 MB
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