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Precision Interval Timer Description
With this interval timer you can pre-program your entire workout without having to stop and reset the intervals for your next exercise. Pre-program your warm-up, your intervals, your conditioning, and cool-down. Start the clock and let the timer guide you based on your inputs.

The example below will illustrate what you can program in a full workout.

Warm-up - 5 mins work, 0 mins rest, repeat 1 (in green bar repeat only 1, default setting)

Add a section: (This will add a green bar, then program the intervals below in yellow)

Skip rope intervals - 30 secs work, 30 secs rest, repeat 10
Rest between exercises - 0 mins work, 2 mins rest, repeat 1
Mountain Climber Intervals - 20 secs work, 10 secs rest, repeat 8
Rest between exercises - 0 mins work, 2 mins

Let's say you wanted to repeat this entire cycle 3 times, you would then input 3 in the green bar above. You will cycle through this stack of intervals 3 times before moving on to your next activity.

Add a section:
Shadowboxing - 3 mins work, 1 min rest, repeat 4
Rest between to put on hand wraps - 0 mins work, 6 mins rest, repeat 1
Heavy bag - 3 mins work, 1 min rest, repeat 6
Rest before next activity - 0 mins work, 3 mins rest, repeat 1
Tabata Punchouts - 20 secs work, 10 secs rest, repeat 8

Let's say for example that you wanted to repeat the above section twice, you could in put 2 in the green bar and you will go through the whole process twice. This would be advantageous if you wanted to do perform a circuit and move from one type of exercise to the next. You could cycle through as many times as you want.

Add a Section:
Cool down - work 5 mins, rest 0, repeat 1

At the very bottom is the option to repeat the entire cycle. If you wanted to set-up an entire workout that you cycle through twice you could input 2 at the very bottom.
Precision Interval Timer 1.2 Update
2017-09-25 Version History
Fixed no beep when interval set to zero
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