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Do you want a pet… but can’t convince your parents to let you have one? The 21-day PrePet Challenge will prove you are Pet-Worthy - or not!

The app simulates a real-life cat or dog and what it takes to keep them happy and healthy. That means feeding, walking, playing, as well as the yucky tasks - dare we say the word poo!

You can set the difficulty of the challenge - in other words, the level of care and responsibility that your family requires to qualify for a fur baby. You will need to feed your phone pet by tipping your device as though you are pouring food, until their bowl fills then finally empties. You’ll need to walk your dog by moving around with your device for a set period. You’ll need to give your new friend love by talking to it, patting it and playing ball (or ball of wool). And you’ll need to clean your pet and clean up after it... by flicking poo off screen.

If you are falling behind in your PrePet Challenge, you are able to treat your potential pet to make it up to them… but only to an extent! Your pet-worthiness will be determined not just by their happiness, but also by their healthiness. We wish you a Pet-Tastic result!


- The 21-day PrePet Challenge is designed to help kids learn how to be responsible pet owners - and for parents to feel reassured their child has what it takes.
- You first create your potential pet and make it yours by giving it a name.
- Families can then choose to make the PrePet Challenge ‘easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’. You decide what level of care is required.
- The potential pet owner will be reminded when their cat or dog needs this care via a bark or meow. If neglected, their phone friend will become sad, but they can give it treats and pat, play with and talk to their pet to make it happy again. Only so many treats will count towards success.
- You will be able to see your progress at all times - for example, “Your pet needs some love” and “You are doing pet-icularly well!” It’s also clearly displayed how many days remain to prove you’re Pet-Worthy.
- At the end of the 21-day PrePet Challenge (with a 24-hour free trial), you will learn if you’ve qualified for a Best Furry Friend: “Well Done! You have blitzed the PrePet challenge... Basil is going to love living with you!” Alternatively, you may need to repeat the challenge (for free).
- Better still, you will be emailed a personalised certificate of your Pet-Worthiness. Then it’s over to your family what happens next!

* Pet Insurance Australia 2018
PrePet 1.0.6 Update
2018-05-04 Version History
Facebook was shutting the cat-flap on some kittens when they were trying to get access. Now it is purrfect.
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