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Projectile Fighter Description
Projectile Fighter is a challenging arcade game where you can choose from a large variety of unique characters with multiple abilities to fight against a gauntlet of characters in a battle of projectiles. Projectile Fighter is like a fighting game but mainly projectiles are used to determine the outcome of a match. Projectile fighters can use a variety of elements for projectiles including light, dark, wind, magma, earth, lightning, aqua, fire, ice, plant and unique. Unique would apply to any projectile that does not fall under any of the other elements. All elements with the exception of unique have a weakness(an element they are weak to) and a counter(an element they counter). All characters have an affinity/element that determines their strongest element, elements they are resistant to and elements they can absorb. Projectile fighters can use basic techniques to attack by throwing projectiles in various directions(horizontally or diagonally upwards while standing and diagonally downwards while jumping) and they can defend themselves by deflecting, dodging jumping over and/or absorbing projectiles. Projectile fighters can also use a long list of special techniques for attacking, defending or powering themselves up. All characters are capable of using any technique but they are most likely to use their favourite techniques. Read the in-game guide/manual to get more information about the mechanics, techniques and terminology associated with the game. Projectile Fighter includes music and features a soundtrack with 7 tracks. Various types of projectiles include light energy, dark vortex, tornado(wind), magma ball, meteor(earth), lightning bolt, aqua ball, fire ball, ice spike, leaf(plant), wood(plant), ki energy, diamond, energy beam, eye beam, shock wave, shuriken, twilight energy, twilight vortex and star. Various classes/types of characters include normal, android, mage, swordsman, ninja, hybrid, alien and deity. Various types of stages and what they consist of include... Light stage - a heavenly sky, clouds and a bright sun. Dark stage - a city at night with skyscrapers and a full or crescent moon. Wind stage - a meadow and a giant tornado. Magma stage - a volcano full of lava that constantly erupts. Earth stage - a rocky area with big mountains. Lightning stage - rain and lightning bolts. Aqua stage - a waterfall. Fire stage - blue flames. Ice stage - snow, an icy ground, mountain and pine trees. Plant stage - a green forest full of grass and trees. Unique stage - outer space, a rainbow ground, celestial bodies, planets, a blackhole, a moon, a sun and an abundance of stars. Projectile Fighter is a very hard game that requires good reflexes, reactions, patience and focus in order to succeed.

Some of the special techniques include...

BIG SHOT - Throw a projectile that is bigger, more durable and stronger than a normal sized projectile.
SPACE SHOT - Create a portal at half screen and a projectile is shot out of it.
CHARGE SHOT - Charge up energy to throw a projectile that is bigger, more durable, stronger and faster than a normal sized projectile.
METEOR SHOT - Summon 3 projectiles from the sky.
BARRIER - Create a barrier that protects the user from attacks.
MIRROR - Create a mirror that can automatically reflects the opponent's deflectable projectiles.
PHASE - Become intangible.
BLACKHOLE - Create a blackhole that suctions any projectiles of the opponent.
KINETIC BLOCK - Create an obstacle that moves up and down and can potentially block the opponent's projectiles.
STOP TIME - completely stop the movement of the opponent's projectiles.
ASTRAL CLONE - Use astral projection to throw projectiles.
ALTER TERRAIN - Change the stage element to one that benefits one of the technique user's high level elements.
CURE - Recover some HP.
POWER AURA - Create a red aura and temporarily increase power.

For the full list of techniques, read the guide in the game.
Projectile Fighter 1.4 Update
2019-10-10 Version History
Updated Difficulty.
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