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PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath

PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath

Team up! New 4v4 Mode is here

1.8.0 for iPhone, iPad

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PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Description
PUBG Mobile is now available for iOS users! This time iPhone and iPad users can play PUBG on mobile devices as on the PC or Xbox as before. It is an authentic port of the PC version PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with many fantastic features that gamers are already familiar with.

- 100-Player Classic Mode

Up to 100 players play together in one game. Players will be dropped on a battlefield with 64 square kilometers. Your mission is to survive to the end on the enormous maps with day/night cycles and dynamic weather.

- Realistic Graphics and Sound Effect

It brings a striking visual experience with detailed rendering and vivid scenes, plus the 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound, making you feel like you are exactly on the battlefield.

- A Broad Selection of Weapons and Vehicles to Choose from

There are various weapons for gamers to choose from. Different weapons and attachments have its own realistic ballistics and trajectories. Also a bunch of different vehicles are available for gamers to drive for stalking or escaping from your enemies.

- Team Up with Your Friends

Invite your friends and team up to win the game with higher chances. Use the real-time voice chat also help your team to beat the competitors and find weapons more quickly.

This is not a game. This is a fight for survival.
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PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath 1.8.0 Update
2022-01-14 Version History
The new Aftermath Classic Mode map is here! Experience the ultimate battle royale gameplay on your mobile phone!
The Spider-Man™: No Way Home collaboration is here!
A new season has started!

《New Map: Aftermath》
Livik has been bombarded, causing a volcanic eruption that has transformed the terrain.
1. In Aftermath, all firearms are equipped with an AC Core Module and the new scope by default, which greatly enhances the aiming and handling of firearms and give players more information about the battlefield when scoped.
2. Characters are equipped with Tactical Glasses by default, which shows players the damage dealt by firearms.
3. Many ziplines platforms have been added throughout the new map. Move around the map quickly by approaching a zipline platform and using the zipline to move to the zipline platform on the other side.
4. Every player has 1 chance to return to the battlefield. Find the Recall Tower to recall an eliminated teammate.
5. Added a new audio marker feature to the screen: nearby audio markers will appear on the mini-map and the main screen. This feature can be disabled in the Settings.
Play Aftermath for intense battles and new combat experiences!

《Classic Mode Improvements》
1. Players can pick up currency scattered throughout the Aftermath, Erangel, and Livik maps and use them to purchase supplies and tactical items at shops inside buildings to arm themselves and win the final victory.
2. The highly-anticipated Hit Marker feature is here. After this is enabled, whenever you or a teammate hits an enemy, a marker is automatically generated where they are hit.
Play the game now to learn more about the improvements made to the basic mechanics!

《Epic Collaboration: Spider-Man™: No Way Home》
1. Spider-Man has arrived in Erangel and noticed a mysterious boss at Mylta Power. Fight alongside Spider-Man and defeat the boss to get advanced supplies.
2. Players will be able to shoot spiderwebs after getting the Web Shooter. Spiderwebs attach to the buildings they touch and pull the player there quickly, and spiderwebs slow down players they hit.
3. When the Spiderweb Ball is thrown at the ground, it releases many spiderwebs in an area that slows the movement of other players moving through it.
4. Crates that are covered with spiderwebs will appear on Erangel. Players can open them to get basic supplies and also have a chance to get Spider-Man items from them.
Come to Erangel and Livik to experience this new IP-themed mode now!

《New Interactive Screen》
The Mode Selection screen has been upgraded to simplify its contents and improve controls.
Unranked and Ranked modes will be separated, and the Lobby screen will also be upgraded to make the new Lobby more refreshing than ever! Let's explore it together!

《C2S4 is here!》
New Cycle Season: Upgraded rewards to make them Legendary quality and added new sets of resources. New Jujutsu Kaisen themed story missions. Collect Sukuna Fingers to unlock commemorative titles.
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