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Purchase Log Description
This app is a tool to track purchases and monitor spending. Simply add purchases whenever you make them, and delete old ones when you no longer need to worry about them. Using the location feature, you can see where you are making the majority of your purchases. The export feature will allow you to e-mail yourself a spreadsheet of all of your purchases that can be opened using Microsoft Excel. Full list of features below:

Features Include:


- tag photos: gives you the ability to associate a photo with a purchase, photos can then be saved to the camera roll
- share purchases over wifi: gives you the ability to send one or more purchases to another device on the same wifi network
- add a budget: gives you the option to set a budget so you can track how much money you have left to spend

App Settings:

- upgrades: tag photos, share purchases over wifi, add a budget
- save values for the attributes category, description, and user, these attribute values can be selected from a list when adding a new purchase, this is meant to be helpful for entering in purchases with repeated attribute values
- set the attributes you want to be able to filter when using the search bar to filter purchases, these are the switches "Description", "Category", "Username" next to the "Search For" label
- set the map region that will be initially visible when choosing a custom location for a new purchase, you do this by panning around in the map and then by tapping the "Done" button
- delete all purchases that have been made
- contact developer via e-mail

Add/Edit/Delete Purchases:

- add a new purchase by tapping the blue "Add" button in the top right of the main screen, fill in the description, cost, date, user, category, location, photo
- edit a purchase by selecting the purchase and then by tapping the red "Edit" button in the top right of the main screen next to the add button, all attributes can be edited (description, cost, date, user, location)
- delete a purchase by swiping the corresponding row in the table and then by hitting the delete button
- simultaneously delete all purchases by tapping the "Delete All Purchases" button in the app settings

Data Sorting/Filtering:

- sort and filter purchases by date, category, description, and user
- table section footers can be enabled which will display the total cost of all purchases in that section
- total cost of purchases is displayed at the bottom
- view purchases made within a specific time span

Location Tracking:

- if you enable location services for the app, you can associate a location with each new purchase
- when entering a new purchase, you have the option to use your current location, pick a previously used location, or you can pick a new location from the map or enter in latitude/longitude coordinates
- to the view a purchase's location in the table, simply tap the arrow button on the right of the cell, this will take you to a map with a pin of the purchase location, you can then get directions to that location from your current location if desired

E-mailing Purchases:

- you can e-mail yourself a report of all of your purchases
- this report is a spreadsheet that can be opened in Microsoft Excel
- tap the orange button, top left of the main screen
- organizes the purchases according to date, category, and user
- contains all relevant purchase information, including a map link for the locations
Purchase Log 1.4 Update
2015-02-28 Version History
- Added user defined attribute values feature. Now, you can save common attribute values and select them from a list when adding new purchases. The previous default values functionality has been removed.

- General UI improvements
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2.7 MB
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