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3.0.0 for iPhone, iPad

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Real Crane Games. [DC7] Description

New online crane game
Experience next-generation play with DOKODEMO CATCHER for DC7!

- New crane game prize appears every day!
- Get prizes in a crane game with easy operation on the vertical screen!
- The total number so far has exceeded 300,000! The ease of removal is popular!
- You can play for free just by logging in every day!

What kind of app is DOKODEMO CATCHER for DC7?
Even at home! Even at work! Even at school! It is a playable crane game.
Under the theme of "play anywhere," the concept of the app, we provide many people with products that were only available at the arcade, easy-to-play at leisure, and new products that change every day.
Unlike traditional crane games, this game is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be used with peace of mind as it focuses on a safe and secure operating system.

Easy to play!
- Search by category or product to find the product or crane game you want to play!
- Once you have decided on a crane game you want to play, start playing!
- Reserve and check crane games that others are playing!
- Let's operate the crane game by simple operation when your turn comes!
- Get products while playing! Even if you can't get it, continue with the challenge again!
- Delivery is possible overseas.
- If your prize goes out of reach of the arm, contact us immediately!

Abundant ways to play
In addition to simple direct play crane games, there are plenty of crane games with many opportunities!
- Get the ball by dropping it into the specified hole! Takoyaki booth
- Shift and drop! Bridge booth
- Scoop and pull! S-shaped hook booth
- Bounce and drop the ball-ball bound booth
- Success if stabbed! Stab stick booth
- Take by luck-lottery booth
We also provide various other ways to play, such as.

Crane game prizes
DOKODEMO CATCHER for DC7 adds new products to the crane game every day.
A wide variety of prizes are available, from prizes found in Japanese arcades to prizes you have never seen.
Prizes are limited in number, check daily.

DOKODEMO CATCHER for DC7 is an online crane game that provides live streaming of crane games in real time.If the network environment is unstable, the image may be distorted or delayed due to the operation of the crane game. When you enjoy the crane game, please enjoy in a good internet environment.

What is an online crane game?
The online crane game is a service that allows you to enjoy real-time video of many crane games in the arcade. Unlike a game center, you can play anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an iPhone and Internet environment.

Recommended for such people!
- I like crane games
- Newbie to crane games
- I like crane games in arcades
- I want to play crane games with the app
- I want to play games in the game center for free
- Looking for a full-fledged crane game
- Looking for a real crane game
- I want to play a crane game with easy operation
- I never want to give up the product I aimed for
- I want to experience a popular crane game
- Looking for an online crane game app that even beginners can enjoy
- I want to be good at online crane games
- Want to enjoy popular crane games for free
- Want to play online crane game easily on iPhone
- I want to operate a real crane game in the arcade
- I want to enjoy the excitement of getting popular products in the crane game
- I want to play the crane game
- I want to play a crane game like in a game center

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DOKODEMO CATCHER for DC7 is an online crane game started in 2014.
Outside Japan, this service is called DC7 and is enjoyed by many users.
As of January 2020, more than 800,000 users are playing.

DOKODEMO CATCHER for DC7 is a registered trademark of DC7 Corporation.
UFO catcher is a registered trademark of SEGA GAMES Corporation.
Real Crane Games. [DC7] 3.0.0 Update
2020-02-05 Version History
Significant renewal!
・ Vertical screen play of crane game is supported!
・ The image of the crane game has been made clearer!
・ Other corrections have been made!
Please check the app announcement for details!
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19.8 MB
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DC7 Co.,Ltd
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