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Retro Game Collector Description
Retro Game Collector is the must-have reference app for every game collecting enthusiast. This app serves as a reference for every retro game ever released. Keep track of your own game collection and even keep a wanted list.

Note: It is NOT intended nor possible to play games with this app.

The following consoles are available as an in-app purchase: 2600, 3DO, 3DS, 5200, 7800, Astrocade, Atari 8-bit, CD-i, Colecovision, DS, Dreamcast, Fairchild Channel F, Famicom, Famicom Disk System,, Game & Watch, Game Gear, GameCube, Gameboy / Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Genesis / Megadrive, Intellivision, Jaguar, Lynx, Master System, N64, N64 Japan, NES, N-Gage, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo Pocket / Color, PC-Engine, Power Magazine, Odyssey 2 / Videopac, Pico, Pico Japan, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP, SCD, SNES, Saturn, Saturn Japan, Super Famicom, Switch, TG16, Vectrex, Vita, Wii, WiiU, XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX One, XBOX Series X.
Besides one free-to-choose console, we also include the following ones free of charge: Amiibo, 32X and Virtual Boy
If you need others, request them!

Complete database of games (US/EU/AU)
Boxart is available for every game
Shows you the latest Retro Gaming articles and videos
See the rarity and value for each game, also view the averages that other users assign to games (automatic online sync)
Updated prices and rarity ratings are synced weekly
Keep track of all the games in your own collection or put them in a wanted list
See a list of all games you still need to collect
Budget tracker: Track your purchases and sales
Cover Mode: Browse through your games in a new way!
Do you collect for multiple systems? We generate an overview and have lots of tools that give you an insight into the growth and value of your collection.
Multi-device syncing: Sync your collection between all your devices
Your own personal collection on the web share your collection with friends or potential buyers
E-Mail your collection, for sale, wanted, remaining or duplicates games list
Keep notes for every game
Keep track of the condition, region / versions
Track duplicates, add quantities for every game in your collection
Add your own custom games (useful with reproduction games)
View your most rare and valuable games in the Trophy Room.
Exclude unwanted games from the app
Graph showing you the evolution (value, game count, remaining) of your collection
Create lists of games
Multi-Currency support
Filter the games by rarity or publisher
Use your own boxart by taking a picture or choosing one from the photo library
View YouTube videos for each game
Do an eBay search for the game you want (you can choose the eBay region you prefer)
Provides a tool to analyse your own collection
Check your collection directly on your Apple Watch
Universal app, runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

We offer both yearly and monthly subscription options that give you full access to the app.
Link to our Terms of Use:
Link to our Privacy Policy:
Retro Game Collector 1.2.41 Update
2022-05-03 Version History
1.2.41 "Farland Story"
Recent changes:
- Added 'Wanted' toggle on swipe
- Exclude from total count setting added when you don't have the cart/disc
- Budget tracker stability improvement
- Fix for excluded lists not activating
- New console support
- Global Search added: Search for games across all consoles
- Search improvements
- New library support
- Trophy Room scrolling and export fixes
- Custom cover export
- Performance improvements
- New console support
- Fixes for filter on publisher and Trophy Room
- Layout improvements
- Performance/Stability improvements
- Subscription fixes
- New consoles added
- Better support for cart only games
- More layout fixes
- Account removal option added
- Added yearly reporting to Budget Tracker
- Layout fixes
- Trophy Room stability improvements
- New console support
- Long tap on console icon to show collection details
- Added sorting by total value
- Layout fixes
- New console support
- Auction Watch (get notified of new auctions for your selected games)
- Barcode scanning (can be enabled under More tab > Settings > Experiments)
- Region indicators on game entries
- New console support
- Update to the game status indicators
- Fix for issue that could cause random games to be added
- Long tap on a game to show Quick-Add menu
- Added themes
- Stability improvements
- Currency and layout fixes
- Color theme update
- UI refresh with dark mode support
- Detailed statistics on collection value (split up between games, consoles, controllers and accessories)
- New filter option that allows excluding a list
- Stability & performance improvements
- Consoles/Controllers/Accessories added (can be enabled under Experimental features in the Settings)
- Search fixes
- Fix for inaccessible Trophy room
- User Score added (with sorting option and Trophy Room integration)
- Stability improvements
- Wikipedia game summaries
- Fix for stuck items on the collection tab
- New console support
- Fixed issue that prevented sorting by completion %
- Console search option on overview
- Added product id's (available after price sync)
- Added release dates (including sorting options for most consoles)
- Fixed upgrade issue that prevented rarity and prices from being shown
- Added some Holiday spirit
- Added market
- Fixed date entry on transactions
- New sorting options added (sort by publisher)
- New console support
- Stability improvements
- NEW: Favorites bar now available on overview
- Content updates
- Default covers now determined by region set in quantities
- Shows a star next to completed collection + completion percentage
- Fix for wanted items not being saved
- Reduced memory usage + responsiveness fix
- Track quantities individually for cart/disc, manual, box, etc. and support mixing collections from different regions (with respective price tracking from that region)
- Stability, sync and pricing fixes
- Content updates
- New console support
- Fixed issue that prevented notes from saving
- Fixed price sync error
- Added language setting
- Database content updates
- Localisation in French
- Improved responsiveness when updating prices
- Fixed issue that caused exclusion lists to not immediately activate
- New console support + database updates
- Quick start screen for new users
- Fix for issue that prevented "Popular games" (More tab) from being shown
- Live streams added to Retro Game Daily
- Built-in lists are now updated automatically without app update needed, this paves the way for adding current-gen systems
- Shows a PAL / NTSC indicator for region exclusive games directly on the detail screen
- Built in lists update
- Sort consoles by manufacturer and by release year.

Thanks for using our app! Feel free to contact us, we are always open to new ideas to continue improving Retro Game Collector!
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157.3 MB
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Captain Touch
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