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Summoner's Challenge

5.8.1 for iPhone

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RPG Card Gathering Description
※ If you start now with popularity, you can play the game with prayer 300!

Let's call the summoner with the card!
A summoner will adventure according to that card!
※ Screenshot is Japanese, but English is also supported.

- Story
The world was covered with darkness, people were desperate.
A story begins from a place where a summoner succeeds in summoning a certain monster.

- Way -
Card Gathering's game is simple to do.

1. Monster cards to be held by the summoner are set on the deck in the order to be summoned
2. And when you adventure, set monster equipment cards and skill cards to bring and adventure
3. As you get adventurous, you get various cards, change weak cards and strong cards

Repeat this and let 's go on and on and on and on on your adventure.

- Battle -
Battle is suitable for neglected games and fights automatically even when you are not watching smartphone.
You can see the situation you fought as a replay anytime, and you can share it with other summoners who are adventuring together!
You can also have other people see the battle replay if you are stuck with the capture.

Boss fight is a card battle that can fight with the cards he brought.
You can fight the boss with all "strong attack magic" and "auxiliary magic" set to not be used in automatic battle!
Let's destroy Boss with the cards you can pick for each turn!

- Capture -
There are various kinds of cards, so you can do whatever you play!

· Strategy intelligently to capture (for advanced users)
· Capture with high-level cards (intermediate level)
· Powerful cards forcibly capture (for beginners)

You can capture in any way.
Normally it is good to capture with powerful cards if you can not clear by all means while making intellectual strategy.
Since the strategy method also changes according to the adventure area, always adventure while checking the performance of the card!

There is not necessarily a single summoner.
If the number of summons increases, the efficiency of adventure is definitely UP!
Let's make a deck suitable for each summoner, and concurrently exploit it!

- Your only monster -
In "Card Gathering", the summoner can learn the skills that the monster learned.
You can create original monsters by teaching other monsters the skills that they have learned.

With this mechanism,

· "Warrior monster whose magic can not be used + recovery magic skill card + MP increased equipment card"
Magical Warrior Monster in!
· "Monster that can not be equipped with weapon + sword-equipped skill card + sword card"
With Super Attack Enhanced Monster!
· "Balance type monster + curse weapon equipped skill card + curse weapon card"
With super balanced type monster!

It is up to you to make any combination of monsters!

- Vast map -
The world map which was not in Vanitas is finally implemented.
While watching a vast map, let's decide which areas to adventure.
Because the enemies appearing by region are different, let's adventure according to the card you want to collect!

- credit -
"RPG to play from 5 minutes a day" the fourth series
TownSoft also a long-awaited games creation gift

"Card Gathering ~ Summoner's Challenge ~"

Appears here!
Thank you very much for the rest of the year and 2019 next year.
RPG Card Gathering 5.8.1 Update
2020-07-08 Version History
A link has been added as Cannibal Planet 2 goes live.
Play it if you'd like!
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419.1 MB
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atsushi ichikawa
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