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Safe Pins PRO Description
The purpose of this App is to help you keep your credit cards safe by providing an easy and safe way for you to memorize your pin codes. As we all get more and more credit cards, sim cards, mobile phones - all with 4 digit pin codes we need to remember – it is getting more and more difficult to remember all these codes.

As a consequence these pin codes are being written down even though everybody knows that is generally a bad idea. But what can you do? – if you don't you will inevitably forget them – and then you are really in trouble.

Safe Pins PRO allows you to store all of your Credit Card pin codes (or any other 4 digit code) in a safe manner. While at the same time it gives you an easy and quick view when you need it.

Safe Pins PRO uses the “Pin Card” (see below) to store and show your pin codes. This means that while its easy for you to see your pin codes – nobody else can see or identify your codes even if they gain access to your phone and the Safe Pins PRO App.

This makes Safe Pins PRO the safest way to store pin codes.

The Safe Pins PRO App is very easy to use and can be used to store any 4 digit code – ex: Codes for alarms, sim cards, phones, door, anything really with a 4 digit code.

The “Pin Card”:
The “Pin Card” is an 8 by 5 square card with the squares in 4 different colors. First you name the card – then the idea is that you fill in 4 of these squares with your pin code. Once you have filled in your pin code the remaining squares will automatically be filled in with random numbers – so the card always holds 4 occurrences of each digit from 0 through 9.

The 4 squares you choose to contain your pin code should be in a not obvious pattern. Use the colors to aid you in choosing a pattern. Ex choose the 4 last green squares or the first blue square and then vertically or diagonally down from there - or the 4 center squares in 1 of the rows. Use your imagination to choose a good pattern. Once you settled on a pattern you can use the same pattern over and over again for all your “Pin Cards”.

Now nobody but you knows - which of the 8 by 5 squares contains your pin code (Not even this App). This means that even if you loose your phone and someone can open this App and see your “Pin Cards” - they will still not be able to get your pin codes.

The method is a simple yet very effective way – to store pin codes in a safe way.

The “Pin Card” is issued as a physical card by the Danish banks – however, having a physical “Pin Card” for each code you need to remember and carry it on you at all times so its actually at hand when need it is not practical.

Safe Pins PRO:
- Keeps your pin codes safe while giving you quick and easy access.
- Has animated and easy to understand instructions on how to use the “Pin Card”.

Technical features:
- Full support of both iPhone and iPad.
- Full rotation support.
- Full synchronization with all of your Apple devices.
- Full encryption while stored locally and while in iCloud.

Languages supported:
- English
- Danish
- Swedish
- Spanish
- French
- German
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Turkish
- Chinese
- Japanese
Safe Pins PRO 4.0 Update
2020-08-25 Version History
iPhone X support
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57.1 MB
Update Date:
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