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Saints4U Description
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"A Treasury of Saint Names, Patrons & Feasts!"

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Saints4U, presented by, is a handy tool for quickly locating patron saints, saint names & feast days. With over 6,400 listings, including 1,000+ patronages, it's easy to find patron saints, feasts, baby names, Baptismal & Confirmation names. Search for male or female saints, feasts falling on particular days or months, patronages, liturgical feasts, and more... Great for those times when you'd prefer not to wade through an entire encyclopedia (or fill up your device with one) to locate a patron saint, feast day, or saint name!


* Listings for: patron saints, liturgical feasts (both traditional & new calendars), other feasts (Roman Martyrology)

* Contains well over 6,000 entries!

* Handy A-Z index

* Easy, quick, comprehensive search feature - plus handy search filters & shortcuts - allows searching by: name, patronage, gender, month, date, attribute, patronage category (e.g. 'medical', 'occupational'), calendar (traditional or new), etc.

* Quick, easy-to-use interface

* Offline content!

* Small 'footprint' - unlike some encyclopedia type apps, Saints 4 U is a relatively small sized app

* Unlike some alternatives that focus on secular sources, Saints4U relies on Catholic sources - including the pre-1970 Roman Martyrology & the General Roman Calendar!

* In-app e-mail - easily share information with others!

* In-app help


* Naming babies

* Choosing Baptismal name

* Choosing Confirmation name

* Locating patron saints

* Locating feast days

Some sample searches that can be performed with Saints4U...

* Enter your birthdate, anniversary, etc. to see what feasts fall on your special days

* Enter 'cancer' for patron saints for cancer sufferers

* Enter 'medical' for patron saints for various medical conditions

* Enter 'Mary' for saints & feast days that include the word 'Mary'

* Enter 'Joseph' for saints & feast days that include the word 'Joseph'

* Enter 'December' for feasts falling in December [includes: liturgical feasts (old & new), and martyrology/other feasts]

* Enter today's date and click liturgical feast button to see what's on today's liturgical calendar

* Etc.

Note: You can also use the filter buttons to limit results to male or female (e.g. female patrons with patronage over difficult marriages, male saints whose feast days fall on a given date or in a given month, etc.)

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Some Limitations & Notes

* This app is NOT an encyclopedia - it contains information like that displayed in the applicable screenshots.

* Individuals canonized or added to the liturgical calendar more recently (e.g. after source materials were printed), made patrons more recently, or saints not included in the pre-1970 Roman Martyrology index may not be included in the database.

* The 'last/final' database update was made in 2011. No future updates are planned to the database.

* Gender is not available for all saints. [Note: Close to 90% of records contain male or female identification, the remaining (roughly 10% of) records are identified as 'unspecified'.]

* This app contains three (3) types of records: patron saints, liturgical feasts (old & new calendars), and other feasts/martyrology. Although some of the content will necessarily be duplicative (e.g. feasts from the martyrology may also appear in the liturgical calendar, feasts from the old calendar may also appear in the new), this does NOT mean the records themselves are duplicates. Rather, each record stands alone for each record type (note the different icons associated w/each record type). Please note that while some records may contain some duplicative data, they are NOT actually duplicates. If we were to remove supposed 'duplicates', the app could no longer provide complete listings for each record type.

* Also see our site for more information, terms, etc.

* * *

Notice: The previous version of this app is NOT compatible with iOS7.
Saints4U 1.01 Update
2016-10-04 Version History
What's New...

* Better compatibility with more recent iOS versions & screen sizes (previous version of app may still be available for those with applicable older iOS versions)

* Use with launcher! New URL scheme: saints4u://

* Some UI & coding changes
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