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Samantabhadra Description
worship Samantabhadra , enabling you to achieve the greatest desire to get rid of all kinds of villains , increasing the authority of the leader , got his wish to make your life and happiness . The dragon , the snake man and Samantabhadra strongest induction , so Dragon, Snake strangers, if worn or pious worship with deep natal edge of Samantabhadra Buddha ...

Samantabhadra : The best Sunday Samantabhadra platform , so you no longer have the distance and the Buddha .

Rejoice in praise, and the Buddha become attached . Devout worship , listen to The Buddha , reading Buddhist scriptures , Samantabhadra pointing your life. Pray for repentance, purify your mind.

Five characteristics:

1 divination doubts, loved
2 . Provide the richest Buddhist tone, Buddhist scriptures enrich your spiritual life.
3 beautiful screen , easy to operate
4 blessing wishes , Buddha bless you all wishes come true
5 repent the past, all the past had made and lost Zuizhang ring given to clean all

Samantabhadra , who translated all over the guitar Buddha , transliterated as three Mando Batuo Luo , one of China's four Buddhist bodhisattva . Reed is a symbol of the line German Bodhisattva Manjushri Wisdom with , Masanori corresponds corrupt world is Sakyamuni Buddha right , Zuoxie paternity , called " Flower Adornment Trinity ." Many Japanese believe that the Defence of Shingon Buddhism Vajrasattva is Samantabhadra incarnation Tantra is pioneered by the Vajrasattva . Another said Vajrasattva as other Bodhisattvas or other Buddhas, Bodhisattvas are now shown .

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Diamond Sutra website (, to promote social harmony , to promote Buddhism and Buddhist culture of responsibility , but also in order to better serve the majority of users and believers , not only to provide the full text of the Diamond Sutra website after the Diamond Sutra and ancient text verbatim control , it also provides the Buddhist scriptures , chanting online , online Buddha , life extension riches , reborn in lotus position, online Buddha, meditation Fine , free download , statues appreciation and so on. Would like to take this merit , popularity at all , I'll wait and beings , all of Buddha Road . Namo Amitabha !
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