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Scale Visualization Description
ScaleViz was designed to burn the Major, Minor and Dominant, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Scale Modes into your mind, so that they become part of you, visualising the various patterns will become second nature and in turn your brain will transfer the information to your fingers as muscle memory.

The Shape Trainer shows you visually how Fretboard mastery works, you will not even have to think to link the chords, arpeggios and scales together, you will see it happen right in front of your eyes simply by browsing the virtual guitar fretboard…

You will see how the Major, Minor and Blues Major pentatonic scales fit together. How the relative Minor chords and the Major, Minor and Dominant arpeggios fit inside the Ionian, Mixolydian and Aeolian Scale Modes, which all wrap around the Pentatonic's,  and how all of these sit on top of Octave patterns and the CAGED system.

Best of all… All of this will happen without you even realising, as ScaleViz shows you how all of these patterns combine to create a unique map of your guitar fretboard, VISUALLY!

ScaleViz gives discount for educational facilities and supports family sharing.

ScaleViz has been described as one of the most in-depth guitar guides available for the iPhone and now this amazing app is truly universal, after 5 years in development and a life times study, ScaleViz is now available for iPad too, and browsing through the Virtual Guitar Fretboard for just a few minutes a day will save you hundreds, if not thousands of hours of study, guaranteed.

Mastery of ScaleViz will give you the knowledge you need to master your fretboard, and immediately know which notes to use, you will learn the relationships between chords and see how they are built visually, how modes work, how Major, Minor and Dominant chords are related to each other and much, much more…
Scale Visualization 1.2 Update
2017-09-25 Version History
Updated for iOS 11 and Swift 4. I welcome your feedback, please note: there is nothing I can do to assist if you leave a review without a comment, this App has taken many years of study and if you do find any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am an independent developer and your genuine feedback will encourage me to continue development. Remember to tap the ScaleViz logo on the welcome screen to access details on navigation, how to find your way around the virtual fretboard, hear the patterns played, and much more...
Thanks for supporting ScaleViz!
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84.7 MB
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