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ScheduleAge Description
Smart-Schedules™ are created per creator / recipient needs. E.g. health, medication, sports, dance, project, travel, wellbeing and any other concept, as conceived by each creator.
Register to auto-load Smart-Schedules™ events to your App calendar. Each event may have various types of Smart-Alerts™ which may include information, media, maps, and records for simple Q&A. PATENT PENDING.
Loading a schedule is easy, display the schedule (select the link or alert), then press Use. After that, ScheduleAge guides you through the setup steps, and will automatically generate your personalised calendars and Smart-Alerts™. Folders are pre-designated by the creator.
The App must be logged in at all times.
Version update alerts (if locked single) occur after creator updates. All prior recipients each receive an alert requiring confirmation, after which events and alerts are updated.
Creator tools are available via logging into ScheduleAge via the desktop browser, and the toolkit allows the creator to build records, schedules and events. Finalise edits by selecting Activate, and the schedule is ready to Share and Use. Sharing via alerts and social media is available from the browser and the App. The event / record rules, once In-Use, provide a rule-based Expert System to guide consumers.
Smart-Alerts™. may provide push notifications. For each alert, open the App, and follow instructions. Selecting Close, or Save, subject to alert type, removes the alert from the Pending list and the action is then stored for future review via Activities. If over 300 alerts, auto-close occurs.
Upcoming, previews near-term alerts, showing the time when alerts will be notified. Alerts may also be synched to your e-calendar if CalDAV is available.
Once In-Use, review your events via the App calendar. From the daily calendar, single click to show Event Details, and double-click to open Preview. You may also use the App’s search tools to find your In-Use items. Toggle to search for New items.
A long press on the Overview Home Page allows the user to filter for each type. Edit is available for unlocked items. When events are edited, the user may store their own media. Details are available when alerts are received by selecting View Event or at any time from preview.
A new event may be added to the calendar by selecting Quick Template, or using Edit in the Daily Calendar.
Editing record fields can be completed at any time, or via Smart-Alerts™, reloading the schedule to match selections. Fields may include selecting yes/no answers, selecting from lists, updating dates, numeric values, changing map addresses, loading recordings, images, videos (mp4) and stored documents.
Entries are retained and download history is available via record preview. For numeric values, a graph of the last 28 values is available.
Events with roles: These load your calendar and generate the role’s Smart-Alerts™. The user who sets the roles will then be notified at the time of edit by each role. The main user must preload the contacts to their address book, then select contacts to complete role assignment.
Share View: Your In-Use items may also be shared as “View Only” after allocating from your address book contacts.
Profiles: setup a sub-account profile for your family members, and even your pets (10 max). The main account will receive all the alerts for the profiles, and calendars and edit functions are available after profile selection. To avoid cluttering your calendar, it is recommended to use a profile if the alerts / events / records are not yours!
Delegation: There is often a need to look after someone else. Delegated users are shown in the list of profiles, and once selected, the user will receive alerts for that recipient.
Account Transfer: A profile may be transferred to another user, creating either a profile or a completely independent user, as may be the case when a child becomes an adult, or for the transfer of the care of an invalid to a family member.
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