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Sesh Release: TV Release Forms

Sesh Release: TV Release Forms

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Sesh Release: TV Release Forms Description
For TV and film professionals in the field or on set: never forget, lose, or even carry a release form again by being able to pull up releases and collect signature on your iPhone or iPad.
For TV and film professionals in the office: stop dealing with stacks of releases and emailing to track them down because all releases are instantly organized in cloud based folders accessible from anywhere.
For TV and film professionals in post production: stop guessing who signed which release and when while going through footage because photos of signors can be tied to signed releases and time stamped information is the default setting for file names for signed releases.
Lose the pen and paper. Anyone on your crew can collect signatures on their iPhones and iPads.
Instant backups. Signed releases are immediately stored in the cloud and downloadable anytime from anywhere.
Use your own releases. Log in on your laptop, upload your own releases, and pick who gets access on their iPhones and iPads.

Talent love it because:
(1) Instantly receive an emailed copy of any release before and/or after signing.
(2) More fun to sign.
(3) No pens to deal with.
(4) Never search for a hard surface to write on.
(5) More professional.

Producers, Coordinators, and PA’s love it because:
(1) Never forget to bring a release.
(2) Don’t worry about losing releases.
(3) Impress clients.
(4) Take pictures of signees with your mobile device.
(5) Stop carrying pens and printouts.
(6) Automatic organization.

Production offices love it because:
(1) Never lose a release.
(2) Stop scanning releases.
(3) Easily share with networks/studios.
(4) Instant organization.
(5) No more stacks of releases.
(6) Accessible from anywhere.
(7) Stop storing releases in binders.

Networks/Studios love it because:
(1) Automatically organized online folders for every project.
(2) Stop sending emails trying to track down signed releases.
(3) Forget about storing releases in binders.
(4) Minimize clutter.

Is this legal?
Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding around the world.
They’ve certainly been legal in the US for over a decade. The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (a.k.a. the ESIGN Act) became a US federal law enacted by Congress on June 30, 2000.
The general intent of the ESIGN Act is spelled out in the very first section (101.a), that a contract or signature “may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.” This simple statement provides that electronic signatures and records are just as good as their paper equivalents.

Is this secure? I can’t lose these signed releases.
Utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption by GeoTrust and the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sesh Release incorporates the most advanced security solutions, giving you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank.
Sesh Release stores user data in’s data centers. Every signature saved into Sesh Release is automatically and immediately copied to multiple backup locations worldwide.

Offline backups can be saved on your local computer or servers anytime and as often as you’d like.

Try it out with no commitment or setup process.

For more info visit
Sesh Release: TV Release Forms 2.2 Update
2017-11-11 Version History
Preset Text is a new feature for users that re-use their same custom uploaded release form template over and over again.

In addition to getting someone appearing on camera to sign a release form, you also need them to fill out the rest of the form (contact info, etc.). This new feature helps with quickly filling out the rest of the form and making sure the input text appears in the correct places on your release forms.

Step 1: Log in to your free account on your laptop, open a project you created as an admin user, and click the Preset Text button.

Step 2: Preset or preassign where you want signee contact information to be populated on the custom release form you've uploaded.

Step 3: Anytime someone signs your release form on a phone, they can also quickly fill in the required text fields (by pressing the Preset Text button), which will automatically be placed in the correct locations on your release form.
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