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Simulfund*Term Sheet & Funding Description
Almost everything you need to securely & simply decrypt, create or negotiate a venture capital operation or financing with friends & family. Designed for Startups, Investors, Advisors, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business-Angels, Lawyers or Students. Simulfund lets you deal with key Terms that could be very relevant in Startups funding:
• Capitalization & Option Pool.
• Condition of Closing.
• Preferred Stock.
• Cumulative Dividends.
• Anti-Dilution Provision.
• Liquidation Preference.
• Co-Sale Rights.
• ROFR, and many other Terms …

Save time & innovate by taking advantage of a new vision to make certain that suitable care is taken in understanding, checking or drafting your operations.

Simulfund Combines Effective Calculators:
• Visualize how an equity funding could boost a business valuation.
• Swiftly compute a Startup valuation based on the amount of investment.
• Visualize the values and percentages of shares for the current and new stockholders.
• To produce more professional scenarios, send the data to the Term Sheet app or include an option pool.

Enjoy an Unprecedented Term Sheet app with important topics and professional tools:
• Understand and manage the key terms that could be applicable in venture capital deals.
• Decrypt Term Sheets even if you are a neophyte, and if something happens, just contact a specialist.
• As a professional, import your own clauses to efficiently create the Term Sheets you are involved in drafting.
• Get 1000 possible combinations to plan, check or compare cases where shares are issued with additional rights.

Take this impressive app anywhere you go, increase your productivity & get ready to invest in Startups or finance innovative projects.

It is compatible with iOS, iPadOS, easy to use, unique & is also available for Macs.

It all Starts With The Powerful Calculators
• Learn how to determine a post money valuation when issuing new shares.
• Get a pre-money valuation based on the percentage of shares to be sold.
• Find out how an options pool affects the percentages of ownership.
• View the stock dilution when additional shares are issued.
• Obtain a new cap-table and use it in the Term Sheet.
• Determine the new total number of voting rights.

Get Prepared To Handle Complex or Simple Deals
• Explains all & reveals key terms that could be appropriate in venture capital talks.
• Synchronize Instantly your selections of key terms with the Term Sheet.
• Associate key terms to set the most adequate framework for your deal.
• Create multiple notes by importing or writing your clauses in the app.
• Effortlessly manage your standard or specific clauses in one place.
• Select & quickly insert your clause according to a key term.
• Reinstall the data from your previous Term Sheets.
• Detects & highlights the key terms automatically.
• Create to-do lists with Reminders.

It Is Reliable, Prioritizes Confidentiality & Security
• Checks access to the app without using an account.
• Builds from the ground up with Apple’s Secure APIs.
• Runs offline, your financial data is stored locally & encrypted.
• Secures your data when the app is running in the background.
• Uses AES encryption & all encryption keys can be easily changed.
• The clauses you add & the Term Sheet texts are saved with double encryption.

Now, Benefit From Features Without Equivalence At A Price Much Lower Than You Might Think
• Simulfund proposes a concise library of key terms dealing with very important information.
• Import texts from other Simulfund apps and clearly compare with your selections of Terms.
• Working remotely with your clients, partners or advisors with effective documents.
• Encrypt or export all your data as CSV, PDF or TXT files.
• Support for full landscape and right-to-left layout.
• Enjoy a full range of touch gestures.

You will never see Startups financing in the same way again !
Simulfund*Term Sheet & Funding 2.0.1 Update
2020-10-02 Version History
Simulfund 2.0 for iOS and macOS: Provides advanced new features, an awesome new design, important security updates with new enhancements and, in addition, is still accessible for all at a very attractive price.

New features for professionals:
• Securely write or import your own clauses in the app.
• A simple click is all it takes to insert a clause in the term sheet.
• Easily manage your standard or specific clauses in one place, hassle-free.
• Make it easy to modify or organize your clauses to draft all your contracts.

The app is completely redesigned:
• A new beautiful design for all the calculators and the Term Sheet app.
• Installs a new calculator keyboard to keep you more productive.
• Improves overall stability, performance and user experience.
• Discover the new Dark | Light appearance.
• Includes new optimizations for iOS 14.

New Security Improvements and updates:
• Adds double encryption to the Term Sheet text.
• All your clauses are also backed up with double encryption.
• Effortlessly create a new strong encryption key to secure your clauses.
• Generates a new encryption key for the Term Sheet app each time you reset it. (1)
• Installs protections for keyboards, the same as that required for banking apps.
• Gives you the ability to disable the "Background Protection”.

Fixes the following issues:
• Resolves an issue where pre-issue valuation data would not be sent correctly to the Term Sheet app.(2)
• Fixes an issue with the "Reinstall All" function that would prevent the installation of values in the dashboard.(3)
• Fixes an issue that could Prevent the "Clear Pie Chart" buttons from disappearing.
• Addresses other issues.

“Many thanks to customers all over the world, your comments or support are always welcome”

(1) To reset the Term Sheet app, go to system preferences.
(2) After updating, if the encryption key does not appear at the bottom of the Term Sheet app, back up the data and reset it.
(3) Concerns the term sheets that have already been saved encrypted in the app, may show wrong data on pre-issue valuation when exporting data. To fix it: use “Load” to access to the Term Sheet and choose the "Reinstall All" function, scroll to the dashboard with the cap tables, use the calculators to reinstall the same data in the dashboard and use "Encrypt Terms” to re-save your data.

Specifications For iOS And iPadOS
• Is only written with Apple’s Secure APIs - no third party SDKs, Trackers or Ads.
• Use Siri to launch the Simulators without giving access to your financial data.
• All financial data is stored encrypted on your device and is never collected.
• 4 Years of Research & Development: more than 81 thousand lines of code.
• Available in more than fifty countries for iOS, iPadOS & macOS devices.
• It lets you change all the keys used to encrypt your financial data.
• Encryption keys are only stored in the Keychain on your device.
• Added protection to your financial data with Face ID - Touch ID.
• App Sandbox: no incoming or outgoing network connection.
• Data protection and full encryption with different keys.
• iCloud Document to access or arrange your files.
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