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Sleeping pills Lite

Sleeping pills Lite

Cecile Chiffre

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Sleeping pills Lite Description
This application helps you to sleep without pills and special training.
The application also has built-in night light.
The interface is available in 30 languages.
This program is designed on the principle of real physical gadget, which helps to sleep on a method of deep breathing of yoga. This device (ie, a prototype) sends a beam of light on the ceiling. Light becomes a brighter, then dimmer. The user must synchronize his breath along with this surge. Pulsation occurs once every 5 seconds. Thus, the breathing becomes deep (using yoga). With such a breath in the body stops production of cortisol (a stress hormone), and you will quickly fall asleep.
When the light is bright, it is necessary to inhale when the glow fades, it is necessary to make exhalation.

The person who tested the program, said this:
This afternoon has tested a new application that helps you fall asleep quickly.
Launched - and immediately fell asleep. Woke up at 14 o'clock. Thought maybe I accidentally fell asleep. Turned on again. And went back to sleep. Woke up at 17 o'clock. "Well, how about now, I wonder." Asleep to 20.00. Good app. Works.


There are two versions of the application:
1. Lite.
- Sleep timer is only 15 minutes.
- Just a white glow.
- No sound of inhalation and exhalation.

2. Full.
- Timer: 10 - 60 minutes.
- Select the screen color: white, red, blue, green, yellow. And also - change (overflow) colors.
- Can be accompanied by a low sound of inhalation and exhalation.


We decided that the phone has all of these features. Why do you need to buy unnecessary and expensive device? Functional (as compared to the prototype) has increased considerably. You can choose different colors of light, choose a specific time for automatic shutdown (full version only). Despite the fact that the pulsation is visible when the eyes are closed (in the room should be dark), however, we also added the sound of breathing that accompanies the pulse. The default pulse frequency is 5 seconds. This is the average for adults. But for the children, you can configure a more frequent pulse. Children breathe more often. When the glow is bright, it is necessary to inhale when the glow fades to exhale. If you breathe more or less frequently, you can set a different frequency. The application has a lot of options for different types of breathing.

In the application, in addition, we have integrated nightlight. This is primarily for children who are afraid to sleep in the dark. Night light shines for a while, and then turned off (as configured). In the full version, you can choose the color of light, as well as the smooth transition of colors. It is beautiful.

The glow is perfectly visible through the eyelids (in room should be dark). If you do not see the glow, then point the phone's screen on your face. You can also activate the soft sound of breathing, which will accompany the pulsation (full version only).
First, the user, following the sound of inhalation and exhalation ceases to think of something.
Second, the sound is mesmerizing, like a metronome.
Sleeping pills Lite 1.1 Update
2013-08-07 Version History
Fixed bugs.
Added links to our other apps.
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1.4 MB
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Cecile Chiffre
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