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Snake++ Description
-- 3 Game Modes --
Snake++ is a feature-packed version of the original game. With Normal, Timed, and Multiplayer game modes to choose from, there will always be a different type of game depending on your mood. Timed mode restricts the amount of time you have to get each point and slowly increases as your score increases. Multiplayer pits you against three other computer-controlled snakes in a quest for dominance. You can even play against your friends online! The last one standing or the first to a winning score is the champion!

-- Controls --
Swipe to move the snake and gather the red points to increase your score. All high scores are recorded to Game Center leaderboards, which allows you to fight for #1 in a friend group and the world. Also, don't worry about hitting the edge of the board; the snake will screen wrap to the other side! This allows for more unique movement and lets you get to the other side of the board quickly, which is important for Timed and Multiplayer.

-- Levels and Experience --
As you play, you gain experience for each point you get. As your score increases, you'll get more experience per point. Experience increases your level, which is also shown on the leaderboards. If you're lucky, you might even find a valuable golden point, which is worth lots of experience! You can find golden points more frequently when you have higher scores.

-- Customize your snake --
If you unlock color customization, you can change the color of your snake and customize the grid. Want a pink gradient snake without gridlines while playing? No problem! Just tap the settings icon on the home screen and choose your perfect shade of snake.

-- Autoplay AI --
Do you ever get so bored that you just want the game to play itself? If so, there's a setting for you! Choose 'Auto' as the Play Mode before starting a game and watch the snake autonomously go for those points. However, don't count on getting much experience!
Snake++ 1.1 Update
2019-08-17 Version History
New online multiplayer feature! Play against your friends online using your Game Center account. Multiplayer wins and other high scores are featured on the global leaderboards. Just select the Multiplayer option on the game options screen and ensure the checkbox labeled "Online Game:" is checked. If you are logged into Game Center, a new screen will appear that lets you invite friends or play against anyone that's currently searching for a match. Enjoy!

If you're not sure if you're logged into Game Center, open Settings and search for 'Game Center.' If necessary, enable it and you'll be able to play with your friends and appear on the leaderboards!
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8.5 MB
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Brady Simon
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