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Sports Split Step Tennis Description
Sports Split Step Tennis

Evidence Based Concepts (EBC) inherent in these new training applications will
revolutionize your approach to competing in your sport. Train your entire body
by integrating your sensory and physical systems with precise timing sequences
that emulate your opponent's movements. This Sports Split Step Tennis
Application provides 10 drills that allow the athlete to improve their
acceleration and speed of movement in a progressively challenging manner.
Emphasis on seeing, anticipating, hearing and then reacting provides a process
by which all athletes can increase their sensory-motor skills, something
referred to as Reaction-Based Training.

Features include:

1. Three levels of difficulty (Slow, Medium, Fast).
2. Movement selections from 10 different drills.
3. Drills have timed movements in 8 different directions or combinations of
4. Eight drills are Closed (repeatable) and 2 drills are user selectable as
Open (Random) or Closed patterns.
5. A simple and fun experience of introducing athletes to sensory-motor
6. Unique stimulus for generating the timing for initial movements used in many
different sports (i.e. split step in tennis or pre-hop in baseball).
7. A training environment for combining initial movements with sport specific
development (i.e. melding of the split step, movement to ball, and hitting an
imaginary tennis ball).
8. Sensory cues (both visual and audio) by which to anticipate movement
involved in learning to time and hit an imaginary ball, (i.e. decelerating and
execution of a sports specific movement).
9. Challenges that improve agility and balance for all athletes, while
improving sports specific conditioning.
10. Using bungee cords to develop strength and conditioning while developing
the sensory-motor training.

'Shadowing' Drills (Cues Include 4 Directional Arrows)

1. Split-Hop (vertical timing of the hop, no Directional Arrows)
2. Left (moving to left Directional Arrow)
3. Right (moving to right Directional Arrow)
4. Middle (moving as in an inside-out shot, left & right Directional Arrows
5. Lateral (moving to left, Middle, & right Directional Arrows, Closed or Open)
6. Fwd Left (moving forward & left, top & left Directional Arrows)
7. Fwd Right (moving forward & right, top and right Directional Arrows)
8. Back Left (moving back & left, bottom and left Directional Arrows)
9. Back Right (moving back & right, bottom and right Directional Arrows)
10. All Directions (moving in each of 8 different (Closed or Open)
Sports Split Step Tennis 1.1 Update
2017-12-09 Version History
64 bit compatibility, new device compatibility, minor bug fixes.
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