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Square Seeds

Square Seeds

Eiichi Ebata

1.0.0 for iPhone

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Square Seeds Description
It is a game close to the observation app, where lots of square blocks come into view like creatures.
As for the game, it is easy because anyone can play with one finger tap.

Seeds and creatures
There are two kinds of seeds flying from space. They are a seed of brown (nontoxic) and a seed of purple (poisonous).
The brown seed turns from damp to orange on the ground, and it becomes a green organism gradually.
The green life becomes large by uniting, and the seed is increased after it becomes a certain size.
Purple seeds, on the other hand, will grow larger with purple.

A battery that serves as a ground cleaning machine
Tap on the ground (blue area) and you will be shot with a brown shell from the battery. This is the only gunner operation.
This battery is attached to the cleaning machine, and the cleaning machine can do only the automatic return trip because it is a recede machine of the seed and the living thing which collects on the ground.
The seed is not an explosive, and the strength of the cannon is also sturdy. So the batteries that hit the seeds do not explode.

Shooting like billiards (first role)
Since a purple target comes flying from space, you aiming it and fire a bullet from the battery.
The target you hit will change to a non-toxic orange color, and you can use it as a bullet later.
The target that was not hit remains poisonous purple, and eventually it swells up and inhibits your bombardment.
In this way, the bombardment that does not increase the purple living thing as much as possible on the ground side, it is a role to your space space.

Organisms growing and proliferating on the ground (second role)
If you don't use a non-toxic seed in your battery, the moist seed will turn into a living organism, so you can get more seeds. This is your role on the ground side.
If the seed is flooded on the ground, it is harvested and shipped to other stars to clear the stage.
On the other hand, purple living things are also bloated, so it becomes game over when it is scooped up ahead.

Random Stage
Seeds come flying randomly and then do physical exercise. Therefore, you do not have to memorize the pattern of appearance, and the way of cheats is different each time.
There are times when the shelling becomes main, and there are times when the seed growth becomes main, and there is a case to struggle with the obstacle.
In some cases, even if you do not bombard the green organisms, they may become stage clear, so you may want to take a leisurely look at them.

Giant spaceship
Each time the stage clears, the space cargo ship that finished the harvest departs. Let's take a deep breath.

Background story
The background of the game comes with a short science fiction. You can read the full text from the button on the title screen.

Help button
On the top left of the screen [?] button to see a brief description of the game.
In addition, the seed flying and proliferation does not stop while the help display.

Score record
It is recorded temporarily up to the top three, but it is reset and disappears when the end of the app.
If you want to record your score, please use the screen shot function of your device during the top score display.

Recommended environment
In IPhone5/5c, it is recommended that iPhone5 or later, because there is a situation in which there is a long overload.
Square Seeds 1.0.0 Update
2017-08-29 Version History
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14.9 MB
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Eiichi Ebata
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