Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis $1.99
Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis

Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis

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Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis Description

- Live your life free from anxiety and panic attacks once again
- Regain control over your body
- Learn to be calm and relaxed

""Don't panic!"" - this is so easy for many people to say, but for those who suffer from panic attacks and panic disorders, it is almost impossible. If you have ever experienced a panic attack, then you know only too well that in these moments, nothing works. Whether it is a matter of breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, breaking out in a cold sweat, temporary paralysis or the sudden feeling that you are dying, a panic attack is pure stress for the body.

Suddenly, traveling by car, bus or elevator is out of the question. You are unable to cross a large, open space; you suddenly feel an inexplicable fear. It is as if your very being, as well as your body, has suddenly gone out of your control, and you don't know why. And out of fear of the next attack, you limit yourself more and more. A vicious cycle begins.

The ""anti-panic"" hypnosis ""Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis"" can help you come to grips with panic and anxiety attacks. Using this program, you can dispel the ""fear of fear,"" so that you can go back to living a relaxed and serene lifestyle.


""Stop Panic Attacks! Overcome Panic Attacks by Hypnosis"" is an effective relaxation training that utilizes classic hypnosis and mental coaching techniques. This 31-minute program is aimed at people who suffer from panic attacks and panic disorders. With the support of your subconscious mind, Kim Fleckenstein brings you to a safe, mental space where you can face your panic for the last time. You will change the appearance of panic in such a way that you can resolve it to a greater and greater extent. Little by little, you will develop a deep-seated trust that these sudden attacks coming ""out of nowhere"" will no longer have a chance with you.


The program was designed by well-known German Hypnotherapist Kim Fleckenstein. Kim Fleckenstein is a certified alternative practitioner in psychotherapy, a clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP-Master-Coach. Based in Munich she already published a range of best-selling self-help and hypnosis programs as Apps and MP3s under the label GET ON APPS!. Her unique technique and self experiences have helped to create the special character and heart of her recordings.

Together with professional and native speaker Cathy Weber she also publishes her programs in English.


* A highly effective 31-Minute professional Hypnosis session using the latest hypnotic and relaxation techniques – suitable for both, beginners and more experienced users.
* The professional and warm voice of Cathy Weber, which leads you into a deep state of relaxation and change.
* A high quality and state of the art recording.
* Professionally composed background music for every program by CSW Music.
* Customize your settings and discover other useful features.


Please do not listen to this program while driving or during activities that require your full attention. The program does not replace consultation with a doctor or any medications which may be required to treat an illness.

Hypnosis is basically suitable for all physically and mentally healthy people. If you are undergoing therapeutic treatment, e.g., for depression or psychosis, and/or taking any prescription medications, please consult with your physician before using this program. The program does not replace any treatment for pathological anxiety disorders.

Kim Fleckenstein makes no representation of her program with regard to healing. The user assumes full responsibility for the application of the program.

The optimal effect can be obtained by listening to the program once a day over a period of at least 30 days."
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95.8 MB
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