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Stroke order of characters Description
Chinese Dictionary - Chinese character stroke training app, the most complete and best used Chinese character stroke search dictionary tool, is the Xinhua Chinese dictionary in your mobile phone, the best calligraphy training app.

-Say a word, immediately search out the Chinese characters you say, and each of them has phonetic notation, Pinyin, radicals, strokes. Click play to directly show the correct writing of stroke order.

Provide 30000 characters +, powerful back-end function to update the Chinese characters you need at any time.

Chinese Dictionary - the Chinese character stroke order practising app provides the following functions:

1. One sentence query [find out all Chinese characters according to what you said, and improve the efficiency of learning and practicing Chinese characters]

2. Pinyin query [find the corresponding Chinese characters through Pinyin of your input method]

2. Speech recognition text query;

3. Picture and character recognition query;

4. Chinese character radical query [find all Chinese characters through partial radicals]

5. Chinese character stroke query [query all Chinese characters through strokes]

6. Explanation, Pinyin, Wubi, radical, stroke and Zheng code of Chinese characters

7. Daily recommended learning Chinese characters

8. Real voice

9. Simple and complex conversion

10、 Picture to text

11. Voice to text

12. Online handwriting correctness check function

13. Learn to record Chinese handwriting practice at all times.

Chinese Dictionary - Chinese practice app can help you learn to write in simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. As long as you input Chinese to search, you can immediately show the stroke order animation, and you can also adjust the speed of the animation. This is your live script for learning Chinese! If you are a teacher or a student, this is your best partner in the learning process. It's easier to learn Chinese! It's a good helper to look up new Chinese characters in Xinhua dictionary.

Chinese Dictionary - the Chinese character stroke order practising app is a collection based on the two dictionaries of primary school students' stroke radical structure word level stroke order dictionary and modern Chinese stroke radical structure word level stroke order standard dictionary, as well as the situation of modern Chinese common character list, modern Chinese general character list, modern Xinhua dictionary and idiom dictionary published in mainland China in 1988 And become. One by one proofreading of Chinese characters, for the original Chinese characters through the ancient method of writing, to provide professional calligraphy software.

Chinese Dictionary - Chinese character practice app we provide every Chinese character with Lu Zhenren's voice pronunciation, radical, Pinyin, external, five strokes, Zheng code and one stroke one painting writing method. Check your stroke order writing method online at all times.

Chinese Dictionary - the Chinese character practice app encourages you to put down your mobile phone, write Chinese characters one by one, copy the order of Chinese characters, copy the strokes, experience the correct writing method of Chinese characters, and improve your calligraphy font effect.

Come to prepare this software for children or you to learn Chinese characters and practice writing!
Stroke order of characters 2.0 Update
2020-03-04 Version History
1. Redesign UI

2. New discovery, Chinese dictionary query

3. Add a sentence to query Chinese characters.

4. Add and learn multiple Chinese characters at the same time.

5. Optimize query speed

6. update Logo

7. Update app name to - Chinese Dictionary
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39.1 MB
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Xuenan Hou
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