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SumTech Description
SumTech is a fun and intense game of fast maths and smart clicks, with lots of side-shows like the Spinner to gain 'advantages' and prizes, plus the Fireworks Playground which is the reward system in SumTech.

If you are a casual gamer, parent or teacher, SumTech's levels and 6 difficulty settings are built to engage the fun of casual gaming while quietly and effectively improving your calculation speed progressively. So simple and IT WORKS!

The game WILL improve your maths, and sharpen your response time with everyday sums. It's simple, fun, addictive, and will continually improve your maths skills that you will be using for the rest of your life.

for videos, hints and tips, visit:

> you must click blocks with numbers and maths operators to create correct sums,
> to gain coins and diamonds ( and xp ).
> The diamonds can then be used to buy "Spinner prizes" that if you are very lucky will land a mystery prize.
> If you win a mystery prize, it will open a new firework in the "Collectables" area. There are 16 to collect. In the "Collectables area" you can release and play with the fireworks you have won. You can even record your firework display and replay it, sit back enjoy the fruits of your labor.

> The coins or diamonds are also used to unlock further levels from the "Shop" once you have enough game xp to unlock each level. The game levels get harder from 1 - 5. Level 5 is CRAZY and furious fun. BIG numbers = BIG scores.

Sumtech can be used in schools or groups, at home or as a casual game. The Leaderboard within the game will show any number of users you wish to add, so as a classroom, or a family, or a group, you can compete for the top spot on the leaderboard against each profile on this device.

For the casual gamer, when you first open the game, type your name and put in a blank password to enable an easy one click to activate your profile each time you start the app.

If you have a family of users, SumTech will remember the last user and pre-fill their name, and only requires password to continue - else just login like you would any other login sequence.
The casual gamer will only need to visit the "Admin area" area to change the difficulty from 1 - 6 as required.

Parents using Sumtech for their children should visit the "Admin area" when first installing the app to change the difficulty setting according to the child's yeargroup at school. You can always change it up or down depending on how your child finds their success with the game.

For Schools and groups competing on a single device, use the hidden "Admin area" to:
Set the difficulty (there are 6 year groups, aimed at Primary school years),
Change Leaderboard names,
Login names,
Login passwords, etc,
...and will store all pupils scores and profiles too, in the device.
This "Admin area" area is intended only for teachers to control and fix problems or adjust names or passwords (i.e. a name that was setup but misspelt, or to recover a forgotten password).

Setting the difficulty level in the "Admin area" is the first thing you should do. If changing the difficulty (or class year) - new droids for leaderboard scores are also generated at this time, and happens automatically after selecting the new difficulty level to create new CPU Leaderboard scores that reflect this difficulty level change. You can generate a new set of droids by pressing "Create New Droids" too. Then simply step back to the main menu where the Leaderboard will show the adjustments.

SumTech is one of those games that you can just play, and its all obvious what to do after a few games. But the more you play the more "smart plays" you will discover for getting better and better scores. When you are filling the "Bingo board" with a full house, using your banked numbers to get higher value blocks to use in the next go, and cleaning down the blocks you don't want, then you know you are a SumTech pro!

Have fun, and keep learning!
SumTech 1197437032 Update
2017-01-27 Version History
Only difference is build is set to "Slow and Safe" due to a user having the app hang at the start. No other changes from 1.5
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209.9 MB
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Jonathan Moore
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