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SureFiz™, the flagship product of Rasimo Systems LLC, is a weight management holistic solution, it covers the key aspects to provide the users with all the support they need using cutting edge technologies and our new inventions.
There are countless research programs and field trials to understand obesity overweightness and to find ways to stop or mitigate the epidemic. The results are published in reputed journals and discussed in various conferences. Most of the findings on what people should do is a common-sense knowledge. Moreover, there are numerous gadgets and APPs to help people lose and maintain weight. Nonetheless people are getting bigger and bigger besides all the effort they do. When they are tired of not succeeding they lose heart. On the execution front what was missing? There was no comprehensive system that would assist and guide people when they are executing their efforts on weight management. SureFiz™ is a comprehensive system with holistic approach, which comprises of an innovative patent pending scale and suite of ground-breaking software programs and applications weaved through Internet of Things, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Not only SureFiz™ is a technology implementation, it provides its subscribers interactions with experts in weight management, such as dietitians, fitness trainers, physiotherapists, medical researchers, doctors and accomplished sports persons.
Using innovative technologies and algorithms, SureFiz™ implemented golden rules and findings of popular research through technology. The SureFiz™ scale itself is a breakthrough in bathroom scale technologies, which interacts with the users to shows them their short-term and overall progress, right on its screen. It implements the idea of chopping a large goal into sub goals (short-term goals). The system generates sub goals for you. If you could not keep up with your sub goals, the system seamlessly and dynamically generates new sub goals based on your performance and historical data. If you could not keep up with new sub goals systems keeps on assigning you more and more favorable sub goals. It is just like a GPS system; when you take a wrong turn or miss an exit, it recalculates route.
There are several innovative features. You can exercise all of them using this APP. Accountability circle, and the idea of instant feedback as you step on the scale are effective framework and give you the feel that your family, friends, and experts are with you all the time with you in your weight management activity. The instant feedback shows up on your smart phone, right at the time when you step on the scale making you feel comfortable that the experts are interactively involved in your weight management exercise. It is truly the Secret Sauce that had been missing for decades.
SureFiz™ scale is the crown jewel of the holistic solution. We don’t sell the scale, you receive the scale Free of cost. The Scale, SureFiz™ APP, and our cloud server communicate with one another to continuously support in losing weight and then keeping those lost pounds away from you.
SureFiz™ 8.0 Update
2020-02-06 Version History
Optimization and Bug Fixes
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150.5 MB
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Rasimo Systems LLC
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