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The Book Merchant

The Book Merchant

Vaughn Clement

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The Book Merchant Description
The Book Merchant:

This application was developed for a family member who had a book business. The purpose was to organize a business that was disorganized, and the app would manage buying, selling and to assist the owner manage the financials.

It may not seem that buying and selling books could be a lucrative business. But I was surprised to hear that he made on average $1200.00 a month.I listen to his approach for selling, and realized from his conversation that he was struggling to manage the number of books in his inventory. This was right up my alley to help a proprietor like him organize his business.

Getting organized:

You may realize that when you go to a library that books are organized by a dewey decimal system. This is really not necessary for business or your turnover of books can be huge. But in order to organize and locate a specific book, it would improve the time it takes to manage books by assigning a short identifier for each book that is unique to that book. This application assigns the identification as you add books to your inventory.
I suggested that he use those little round tags to stick it on the edge of the book with the identifier shown. Then you can stack the books on the shelf in the order of the identifier number. You can also remove the identifier tag when you ship the book to the new owner.
One of the major items it helps a book merchant is to be able to identify the high and low purchase price. This means you can be at a location where you're buying books, and on your iPhone you can do a quick look up to establish the best purchase price. In the same way you can identify the average selling price to buyers.
In this application I included an online access screen that includes any number of book websites. There is a drop-down list where you can select the website and display it on your iPhone or iPad. You can also add as many new websites to this list that you need to use repetitively.
The application also has a screen for defining books by authors where you can develop a hit list of books that are high-value. The same screen can be used to identify buyers who have requested specific books they want to add to their library. Using a find also known as a search you can quickly locate buyers who have requested specific books. In addition you can add a lot of detail about each book and each author to adhere professional knowledge.
The application has a customer screen where a portal record with many rows allows you to add books that that buyer customer has purchased from you. This helps to setup an approach to address books that certain buyers tend to request. This is trend analysis or you can use a find to contact buyers who buy certain books.
In addition college students are constantly demanding books for each semester that you do not need to stock because you can drop ship the books to the students. You manage this by establishing certain vendors and their websites where they provide the best quality and price for books that are in demand for college students. It's incredible how expensive college books are for students. This offers an opportunity to become the go to place for students to acquire their books.

How will this application help you run a business?
Typically a book merchant can be an individual. Because this is a fairly easy business to maintain, it's ideal for retired people, housewives, college students, or any individual who wants to have additional income without having to do a 9-to-5 job.
Because this application is a mobile solution, you can use this application to manage your sales matter where you're at in the world. All you would need is an Internet connection to transact business.
Keep in mind that you have free technical support with this application. We incorporate support buttons within the application on any screen to reach out for help.
We also include video help tutorials to help you learn the usage of this application.
The Book Merchant 1.0 Update
2016-09-17 Version History
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71.7 MB
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Vaughn Clement
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