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The jealous bears (Stories and games for kids)

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The jealous bears (Stories and games for kids) Description
Content of the story:
1.In one family there are two bear brothers. Their parents love them so much and they always tell them to love each other. But the two brothers often argue and always compete for food.
2.One day mother and father bear have to go out for business for the whole day. Before leaving, they give their children a very big piece of cheese and say: “This is your lunch. Please enjoy your day and be good at home, we will have present for you when we come back.”
3. The two bears say goodbye to their parents and start to play in the garden. They climb the tree, chase the butterfly very happily until the sun go high in the sky. Then they soon realise that it’s noon and they have to have lunch.
4. “Let’s enjoy the cheese that our parents gave us!” The two bears come back home and they can see that the very big and delicious cheese is awaiting them on the table. “There is only one piece of cheese, we need to divide them into 2 pieces for 2 of us”. The bears both say.
5. One bear picks up the cheese and cuts it into two pieces. But it seems that the two pieces are not equal, one piece is bigger than the other. The younger bear says: “I will pick the bigger one, because I am small and I need more food to grow up.” But the elder bear denies: “No! You are younger so you should eat the smaller one. You should show me your respect by give me the bigger piece”
6. The two bears start to argue to decide that who should eat the bigger piece. But no one agree with the other’s reason, they both want to have the bigger piece. Luckily uncle fox is passing by. He comes in to see if he could help.
7.Uncle fox listens to the two bears about the situation. The two bears say: “Uncle fox! Please help us to divide the cheese into two equal pieces, otherwise we can not have lunch.”
8.Uncle fox answers: “It is a very simple task. Let’s me do it for you”. After that uncle fox picks up the bigger piece of cheese and bites a very big amount on that piece. “Are the pieces equal now?” Uncle fox asks.
9. Of course the bigger piece now becomes much smaller than the other piece. The two bears both say: “The two pieces are not equal. Please divide them again”.
10. Uncle fox again picks up the bigger piece and bites a large amount on this piece. He bites by intention that the bigger piece after biting becomes much smaller than the other piece. “Now are the pieces equal?” The fox asks again.
11. “No, they are absolutely not equal. There are still a bigger and smaller pieces. Please divide them again.” The two bears both says.
12. Uncle fox again picks up the bigger piece and bite a large amount on the piece. He always tries to make the two pieces different so that the bears ask him to divide the two pieces again and again.
13. Finally the two very big pieces of cheese now become two tiny pieces. Uncle fox picks up one bigger piece and try to bite very carefully to make the two piece equal and show them to the bears. “Now the two pieces are equal. We can enjoy it without arguing anymore. Thank you so much!”. The two bears say in a happy mood.
14.Uncle fox says goodbye to the bears because he has done his job of dividing the cheese. The two bears now can choose either piece without having to consider anything. But soon they feel very hungry because the two pieces of cheese are so small.
15. When the bears’ parents come back home, they can see the two bears are very sad and hungry. “What happen to you? It’s impossible that you both feel hungry after eating the big piece of cheese I gave you this morning”. The two bears cry and tell their parents the story of uncle fox helped them divide the cheese.
What would happen next? Let's read the full story to see the result.
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