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The story of the four seasons (story and games for kids)

The story of the four seasons (story and games for kids)

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The story of the four seasons (story and games for kids) Description
Content of the story:
1. Once upon a time there were two very big rocks on earth. One rock always throws fire out of his mouth, one rock always throw ice and snow out of his mouth. They sleep all day but sometimes they wake up.
2. When the hot rock wakes up and throws his fire, the earth becomes very hot. Trees wither, water in the rivers disappears. Life is very uncoformtable for mankind and all the animals.
3. When the cold rock wakes up, the earth become very cold. Trees can not grow, people and animal feels very cold and they can not do anything much but just stay at home. Life is very hard when each rock wakes up, and they can stay awake for days.
4. In one small village there lived a young man named Peter. He is a very kind to everybody. One day the hot rock wakes up and starts to emmit hot fire into the air.
5. The extreme heat makes all the crop dies as they are willing to harvest. The people in the village are very worry because their crops die means that they will have nothing to eat.
6. Peter decides that he will come to meet God to ask him if there is any way to stop the rocks. “God lives in the sky. I will climb up the highest moutain to find him” He thinks and start to steps toward the highest moutain.
7. On his way to the moutain, he meet an old man. The old man seems to be starving. The old man talks: “Please help me, I have nothing to eat for days, now I am starving.” Peter gives him his cake without any hesitation: “Here is my food and water, please take it. Poor you! You must be hungry for days”.
8. The old man eats the cake and drinks the water. “Thank you very much the good young man! God will bless you!” The old man says. “Thank you, I am going to see the God to ask him how to take the two rocks away.” Peter says.
9. “Really? I have this one that may help you.” The old man answers and give him a bean seed. “Find a river with water, drop the bean there, there will be miracle that may help you to see God”. The old man says.
10. Peter thanks the old man and continues his way to the moutain. At one place there is a river stops his step. Remember the old man’s words, Peter drop the bean in the river.
11. To his surpise the bean quickly sprout and grow up very fast. Soon it become a very big tree, and it is still grow in up and up until it trunk reaches the sky. “This tree may even higher than the highest moutain. I will climb this tree up to find God”. He thinks.
12. He starts to climb on the bean. He keeps on climbing very hard, until he can see the cloud floating around him. He continues climbing. Now the clouds are left below his steps.
13. One day he reach one floating green door. The door opens and a he can hear a voice “Come in, please”.
14. He enters the door and a great scene opens before his eyes. Here he can feel the cool air. Trees are green and grow very well with many new leaves and sprouts. The animals and birds are singing happily.
15. One very pretty girl in green dress appears and asks him: “God tells me to meet you here. Would you like to live here with me? If you like, please stay”. Peter looks around. “Such a nice place to live!”.
16. But right away Peter thinks about the villagers with the misery life on earth. “I have to continue my mission”. Peter thinks and refuses the beautiful girl: “Thank you for your good invitation, but I have to go to see God to save my villagers”. The girl smiles and gives him a tree branch with green leaves and sprouts.
17. Peter says goodbye to the girl and continues his journey. Next he can see a floating red door on his way. The door opens and a he can hear a voice “Come in, please”.
What would happen next? Will Peter find God to save the villagers? Where do the four seasons come from?
Let's read the full story to get the answer.
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