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Direct interface between artisans and consumers across the world thus eliminating middlemen and increasing reach.

With enhancement in utilitarian aspects with in house designers.Custom made designs according to user’s desire(Both for B2B and B2C).

Authentic and original handmade products that is made available widely which opens a whole new range of products that was very difficult otherwise.

ONLINE HANDICRAFTS is a online platform for authentic Indian Handicrafts like dhokra, pattachitra, stone sculpture, sambalpuri pata saree, tarakashi jewellery,handmade paintings,wall hangings,home decor,fine art and other handmade low cost gift products.

Origin: It is said that the art of sambalpuri ikat migrated to Western Odisha in 11th centuryThe Sambalpuri sari is made from fabric woven on a hand-loom and is popular throughout India.Sambalpuri Sarees are the most wonderful sarees of India.Sambalpuri sarees which are made totally from textures woven unpredictably on handloom are exceptionally famous all through the nation.

Technique: The process starts with dyeing the cotton/silk material. In short, the colouring process includes dipping the material repeatedly in the boiled colour water. Utmost care is taken while dyeing the cotton/silk to make sure that the colour is uniform throughout the material and it doesn't affect the quality of the material.

Use: Sambalpuri sarees are labour intensive. Sambalpuri sarees are known for their incorporation of traditional motifs It usually take minimum of 2 months to make 1 saree. Every saree has a unique design and rich in traditional view.

Origin: This highly skilled art form is more than 500 years old and is traditionally done by local artisans on the Eastern shores of Odisha. Presently, the silver filigree workers are largely from the district of Cuttack, where the art flourishes. According to sources, the art may have come to Odisha through its trade links with Indonesia as the work

Technique: Filigree was incorporated into jewellery since 3,000 BC. An earring is created through the age-old conventional technique of filigree, unique to the eastern shores of India. Isn’t it amazing?

Use: The charming piece shall accentuate your beauty to win you great compliments. It will complement both simple and heavy outfit thus suitable for any occasion. One can wear it anytime anywhere to create that fashion statement. Gift it with love to the lovely ladies to win their hearts.
Forms of animals, birds, flowers and even miniature handbags and other souvenirs are made in Tarakasi work. The Konark Chakra and temple are great favourites as mementos.

Origin: Patta means cloth, and Chitra means picture.Pattachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian state, Odisha.The painting the 'pattachitra' resemble the old murals of Odisha dating back to the 5th century BC.
Technique: Traditionally the painters are known as chitrakars.Woman members prepare the glue, the canvas and apply colours what we call the fill-in, and give the final lacquer coating. The master hand, mostly the male member, draws the initial line and gives the final finishing.
Use: Natural dyes and colours are used, all of which are derived from fruits and vegetables.The simple themes that are depicted beautifully can enhance the beauty of any room.

Origin: Dhokra is one of the oldest techniques used for metal casting over 4000 years.This sort of metal casting has been used in India for over 4,000 years and is still used.

USE: The Dhokra art was involved in several process Hence, A single piece of Dhokra would usually take 2-3 months of time to make.The Dhokra art not only used for home and outdoor decorative purposes, but also it can be gifted as a corporate showpiece,Christmas, new year and festive gift.
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