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Tower Duel - PvP TD Games

Multiplayer Tower Defense RTS

2.1.7 for iPhone, iPad

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Tower Duel - PvP TD Games Description
You hear the crowd cheering louder as you are walking down the champion hallway…

It is 2050. Something crazy happened. It appears that most people traded their Football Jerseys, Basketballs and Baseball Bats for a deck of Tower Duel cards. The game is literally everywhere - In stadiums, on schoolyards, in office spaces.

The Tower Duel inventor “Maxx King” is now world-famous, putting his face wherever he can – this morning you even saw it on your cereal box!

You realize the crowd is cheering your name…

You have spent weeks selecting your 4 Runner and 4 Tower Cards for this match. Runners destroy your opponent’s Power Core and Towers defend your own Power Core.

Your opponent is a top player. His duels are frequently broadcasted worldwide and you have studied them all: He beats his opponents with the “Surfer” Card, which accelerates on straight paths. Most players build their towers in straight lines, making it easy for Surfers to reach and destroy their power cores.

But not tonight! You look at the tower card in your hand - The Quad Striker. Its Energy Damage is highly effective against the Surfers Impulse Barrier. You also equipped it with the legendary Octa Striker Rune, making it shoot 8 projectiles instead of 4. A famous scientist recently calculated that due to the vast variety of runes, there are more card variations in Tower Duel than atoms in the Universe. How crazy is that?!

You look at two Runner cards in your hand. The Marine and the Mech! They have served you well since the beginning of your journey.

Some refer to Marines as cannon fodder, but they are invaluable when it comes to generating energy income: Building Towers or sending Runners costs energy. But! Every time you send Runners, your energy income increases. Simple! Send lots of Runners to get more energy in the long run!

Your plan is to spam Marines early on, only to later afford The Mech! Mechs are expensive but extremely durable. You shiver from excitement imagining the look on your opponent’s face when that level 3 Mech wave hits his stadium half!

The cheers reach their climax as you step on your podium inside the massive stadium. Your gaze wanders across thousands of cheering fans and flashing lights. You notice your opponent on the other side of the stadium and the hidden playfield between the two of you.

Maxx King’s Hologram Face appears and shouts “3, 2, 1 GO!” and the Map unveils!

Perfect! A small map, a few trees as obstacles, only one power core. You quickly place a few Quad Striker towers having them form a path with curves to slow down those Surfers.

Next, you send a big wave of Marines fully depleting your energy balance. You joyfully notice that your energy counter now fills up twice as fast, while your opponent’s rocket tower crushes your Marines.

WAIT! He only built one rocket tower? A few shielded Runners could end the game right here. BUT, sending Shield Spiders now does not fit in your grand master plan. You must decide now!

Suddenly, the opponent's dropship hits your playfield … JETPACK MARAUDERS! WHEN DID HE START USING THAT CARD?!

Terrified you watch how 5 Jetpack Marauders bypass your tower maze elegantly jumping over the first single tower and effortlessly reach your Power Core.

… 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 LIFE POINTS LEFT!

What’s your counter?


► Competitive Multiplayer Tower Defense against real players worldwide
► Collect and customize Tower and Runner cards
► 100+ procedurally generated maps
► Watch replays of Pro Players and join them in the leaderboard
► Sandbox and Practice Mode to improve your game
► Season Pass: Collect valuable rewards doing side quests while you play

Start your journey now!

Got any problems or want to help us improve the game?
Join our Discord Community, where players have a big impact on the game:

- We are always happy to hear your feedback!

◆◆◆ The Tower Duel Team ◆◆◆
Tower Duel - PvP TD Games 2.1.7 Update
2020-11-14 Version History
+Fixed various issues

+Towers and Runners: Decreased effectiveness of Upgrade Cost Decrease Runes (20% --> 15%)
+Techno Summoner: Increased Cost increase of Runes changing the summoned Runner Type
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418.1 MB
Update Date:
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