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@Tracker Description
@Tracker is an app for users who want to record and compare various sports and leisure activities and then share them with friends. You can choose to record activities like walking (hiking), running, biking and skiing. @Tracker records the location of your activities during the track and also offers you the ability to take pictures of the panorama or objects of interest. You can take pictures both during recording and when the recording is paused.

@Tracker offers you to look at the track details after recording and analyze them. @Tracker provides you next to the time, distance and average speed, also the maximum speed, pace and the burned calories. For walking and running @Tracker gives you the number of steps taken during the course of the track. Time, distance, pace, average and maximum speed is given over the entire track and the ascending and descending parts of the track as well. The burned calories and number of steps are given only for the entire track. Next to providing you the track details in text, @Tracker also shows you the height and speed over time in graphs.

You can compare selected tracks to see if the speed, pace, burned calories or the number of steps has improved over time. The (difficulty) level of the tracks is presented in different colors.

As a sportswoman and sportsman you can set different training intervals and have them repeated for a set number of times. @Tracker will running this training schedule defined by you and stops after you have finished your training, so you can check the results of your training.

@Tracker also gives you the opportunity to share your track, track statistics and the pictures taken on the track on Facebook, twitter and instagram.

@Tracker offers the following functionalities:
- Select various kinds of track types to record, like walking (hiking), running, biking and skiing.
- Analyze the track details such as time, speed, pace, altitude differences, the number of steps taken and the calories burned.
- Look at the graphs of the recorded track.
- See your route taken on the map.
- Change the title and (difficulty) level of the track.
- Follow your track on the map during recording and see the distance covered and current speed.
@Tracker offers the following paid functionalities:
- Compare selected tracks of the same type to see progress over time.
- Take pictures during your track even with your gloves on.
- Look at the pictures taken on the map after recording.
- Share your track and pictures taken with friends on Facebook, twitter and instagram.
- Build your own training schedules.
@Tracker 3.4.3 Update
2017-11-13 Version History
Small bug fixes
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45.3 MB
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Paul Hertroys
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