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Trump Trivia - Donald Trump for President 2016 Description
Selling out America for personal gain. That’s what Donald Trump has done and continues to aim for.

All in-app purchases are now 100% FREE !!!

Did Trump's team (led by Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, and Michael Flynn) collude with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 Presidential Election and overthrow our US Government?

All evidence suggests they did.

"THE ELECTION IS RIGGED" - said Donald Trump 1 month before 2016 election.

He wasn't lying. He knew.

When did Putin become Donut Trump's hero? How many $Billions do Trump and Rex Tillerson stand to reap when their Exxon-PUTIN multi-Trillion $ oil deal goes into effect? Pay for play???

Why remove the heads of Central Intelligence and Joint Chiefs from U.S. National Security Council?

Why lift U.S. Sanctions against Russia when Putin should be arrested and tried for Crimes Against Humanity? Syria? Georgia? Viktor Yanukovych and Paul Manafort? Ukraine? Crimea?

Why aren't Saudi Arabia (911) and Pakistan (Osama Bin Laden) on Donuts list of terrorist-travel-ban states?

Why did the publicly humiliated disgrace, Michael Flynn, lie to USA VP and FBI?

Why 11 Days before Mike Pence (VP) went on Meet The Press clearly lying about intercepted Trump-campaign communications with Russian Intelligence... wasn't he told by Donald Trump?

On January 26, his White House counsel was informed by Sally Q. Yates and FBI about Flynn's lies... and Donut was notified immediately. WTF ???


THE UNITED STATES and WORLD are in grave danger !!!

Yes, our US Government & State Elections were hacked by Vladimir Putin but ... ask yourself ... could Putin have stolen the election without Trump Camp cooperation? Hell no.

When did Donut trademark the phrase "Make America Great Again"? Try 2012 ... 4 days after President Barack O'Bama won his second term. That suggests a plan to run for President, does it not?

Was that when they decided to join Vladimir Putin's network and steal America's election? Flynn met publicly with Putin in December of 2015. Tillersons a buddy. Carter Page. Paul Manafort. Felix Sater. Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin. Connect the dogs ... dots.

There is no other explanation.

We can only hope our U.S. Intelligence community have no intention of allowing any foreign government to violate our sovereignty, laws or U.S. Constitution. Everything we are dealing with is National Security.

Was Reince Priebus in violation of ethics rules and/or Federal Law when he contacted the FBI and Department of Justice seeking to INTERFERE in a major criminal investigation? Yes.


John Adams by David McCullough.

Unchecked, Donut Trump will destroy America.

TAX-RETURNS !!! Where are Trump's tax-returns? He promised and promised and promised. Maybe he's hiding the amount of money Russia has invested in The Trump Organization. Why?

What's wrong with being a Putin puppet?

Kellyann Conway ???

What about the people donut hired to find President O'Bama's birth cirtificate. #Birtherism? #Treasonism !!!

#SeanSpicerSays WHITE HOUSE LIES on day 1 !!! What kind of idiot denies what WE Americans all saw on national LIVE-TV? Barren stands. Empty sidewalks. Few supporters. Sour and bitter cold.

Happily, the sun came out the next day, featuring the largest WOMEN'S MARCH in World History.


We need more empathy, compassion, thoughful understanding and care for our nations childrens future.

Finally, thank you, Mr. President Barack O'Bama, for 8 outstanding years of integrity and excellence !!! WE LOVE YOU !!! Sir, you exemplified everything noble and good in America and humanity. Bless you and your family. We did great working together!!!

Trump Trivia is dedicated to my best friend, mom, teacher, jedi-master GO APPLE technology director, state coordinator, former CECA President and the very best grandma ever. Thanks Debbie!

Need a real superhero? Darren C. Wolff, Attorney at Law. 502-451-3911.
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