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Validactor Description
Shopping is always a fun experience. However, customer satisfaction and trust are essential ingredients for successful long-term customer-supplier relationships. Usually, customer satisfaction originates from a user’s comparison of post-purchase and post-usage evaluation of a product with the expectations held prior to purchase. Sometimes this practice may lead to fall into the counterfeit market trap. Today, unauthorised distributors, retailers and online shops, which may sell fake merchandise without scruples, fool more and more users. Validactor deals with critical issues by providing a powerful product authentication APP that helps users to check for original items even before purchasing.

How It Works:

The validation process is a very easy one-step task; it works with each kind of product that has been authenticated through the Validactor QR Codes by its manufacturer.
You have just to scan the QR Code on the product label and you’ll immediately get confirmation on the product authenticity in addition to other information, such as brand details, manufacturing date, expiry date and current market status.

What's New:

Validactor is unique in providing totally integrated and customisable solutions that enable manufacturers to authenticate and safely protect their products. Either you are a brand enthusiastic or a natural products buyer, you don't need to scratch label, scan bar code or manually input the PIN code to perform product authentication. The intuitive Validactor APP interface will ease out your decision-making process by offering you a completely new approach to the purchasing experience. Validactor APP digital platform offers multi-dimensional features including:

• Detailed product information
• Extensive product flagging
• Product rating display
• Widespread social sharing

By using the Validactor APP you’ll improve your purchasing experience other than contribute to enforce the following activities: 

• Get full control on distribution channels
• Prevent brand theft
• Avoid counterfeits in supply chain
• Prevent product losses
• Retrieve lost market share
• Enhance customer loyalty with referral and reward programs
Validactor 2.3 Update
2018-06-21 Version History
1. Account balance section added.
2. Manage bank accounts section added.
3. Minor bug issues solved.
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6.7 MB
Release Date:
Validactor Srl
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