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Warlord Chess Lite Description
Warlord Chess is a stunning chess variant for 2 to 4 players. The pieces and their moves will be familiar to anyone that has played standard chess, which makes this an ideal game for players of all skill levels. Certain spaces on the board allow pieces to make special moves, some of which are simply mind-blowing. Special visual effects and sounds enhance play. You can play locally with friends or challenge yourself against 3 levels of artificial intelligence. You can play alone or in teams of 2 vs. 2.

If you like chess or chess variants, you can hardly afford to miss out on Warlord Chess.

But I don’t know 4 good chess players...
Don’t worry! Using the unique tabletop interface, you can select games with 2, 3, or 4 players in them. You can add computer/AI players as needed.

Most importantly, because of the nature of the game, people of mixed skill levels can enjoy playing together. You don’t need to be a chess star to have fun with Warlord Chess. In a 4-player free-for-all, the best player does not necessarily win!

That is a crazy looking board...
That’s true! It needed to be to fit 4 full armies. Plus, it allowed us to add special spaces that make for some incredible moves.

The Chaos Symbol: the symbol in the center of the board gives a special move to Pawns, Kings, and Knights. If one of those pieces begins its move from one of the spaces touched by the symbol – then they can begin their move *from* any one of those spaces. This helps the Pawn and King a bit…but it works wonders for the Knight. Don’t believe us? Just look at the screenshots below!

The Castle: each player begins with their army surrounding their castle. A castle is made up of three spaces known as The Throne, the Great Hall, and the Courtyard. These spaces enhance the way the Bishop, Rook, and Queen move. Beware the Queen in the Courtyard!

But I’m Just Learning/No Good at Chess/Easily Confused...
Then we have the *perfect* chess game for you. The interface was designed for everyone. Just touch a piece to see all the moves it can possibly make. Then tap the space you want it to move to. If you don’t like it you can Cancel that move and try another. When you are sure of your move, you can press a button to Confirm it.

If you need practice, play a local game against a single opponent and set the AI to Easy. Increase the difficulty and number of players as you get better. You can even play team games and learn from your partner. There are so many options!

What Have You Got For Us Experienced Players?
We’ve got a lot. If you are *very* familiar with chess, then Warlord Chess will provide you with a brand new challenge. It is nearly impossible to control a board this big, especially against 3 players who are out to get you. So good luck with that. You can set the AI to “Hard” in order to play against opponents that can see multiple moves ahead.

We’ve also provided you with tools for analyzing your Warlord Chess games. You can save and load up to five games. With our Rewind, Forward, Start, and End buttons you can move through those games step-by-step so you can figure out why you lost, brainstorm some killer new moves, or relive past glories.

What Else Have You Got?
We’ve got a board that hovers and rotates over a roaring field of flame. We’ve got special attacks for each of the four colors in the game. We’ve got Secret Passages and a cool scoring system. And we’ve got more on the way. Enjoy!

Warlord Chess Lite 1.5.0 Update
2016-11-03 Version History
• New ad model. Play the full game in exchange for ads! Get access to all worlds, all game options, hard AI, and game save. Everything but online play which will be coming soon.
• iOS 10 Compatibility
• Performance enhancements
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94.7 MB
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