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Wasserwerks Description
This game was inspired by the 90s classic Pipemania.

Unlike Pipemania, in this version, the screen is already filled with random tubes, they cannot be moved, only rotated.

Bonus point tubes also appear at random (+100, +250 and +500), though a maximum of 5 of each type will ever appear (sometimes you might not get any, but that's the luck of the draw, their appearance is random!). There is an in-built multiplier for these bonuses, therefore, the more levels you complete, the higher the bonus value of each will be (they will still display +100, +250, +500, regardless of the bonus multiplier).

Be careful of the one-way tubes, these have an arrow on them, and water WILL only flow through them in the direction of the arrow.

The start and end location of the flow, although set centrally in the first and last columns when the level begins, can be altered before water enters them. Once the water has started to flow, the start cannot be moved (obviously!), though the end location can be moved up until it contains water.

If you are satisfied that the water will flow from the start to the end, you can position the cursor next to the start position, and a "run" button will appear at the bottom of the screen, tap this, and the flow will move quicker ... this action is not reversible, and the flow cannot be slowed down again on that level.

When you start the game, there is a 30 second delay before the water starts to flow ... this is reduced by 1 second for every level you complete, down to a minimum of 5 seconds. In the early levels, the water flows quite slowly, but this increases in speed every 5 levels. A blank (and therefore unusable) section will also appear every 5 levels, a maximum of 5 will appear to hinder your quest to get the water across the screen.

The game features two high score tables ... one for your own personal 50 best scores, and one for the 50 best worldwide scores (an internet/data connection must be available on the device for this feature to work). Have you got what it takes to be the worlds best? When displaying your own personal best scores, you have the option to clear them.
Wasserwerks 1.1 Update
2018-06-18 Version History
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50.6 MB
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