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Water Intake - Daily Drank Description
Water is vital to the human body, but people often forget to drink water. Long-term lack of enough water can cause health problems.

Water is very important to the human body. It can participate in life movements, eliminate harmful toxins, help metabolism, maintain aerobic respiration, and more.
1. Help digestion: The food we eat into our mouth, after being chewed by the teeth and wetted by the saliva, the digestive process from the esophagus to the intestines, digestion and absorption is carried out. All these steps involve water to accelerate the body fluids to the nutrients. Dissolved.
2. Excretion of waste: The residual waste after the nutrient digestion and absorption of food should be excreted by sweating, breathing and excretion. These different excretion methods require water to help.
3. Lubricate the joints: Lubricating fluid is required between the joints of the human body to avoid damaging friction between the bones, and water is the main source of joint lubrication.
4. Balance body temperature: When the ambient temperature is lower than body temperature, in order to maintain the body temperature to ensure normal physiological activities, the body water will remain in the body due to the reduced pores and evaporation; when the ambient temperature is higher than the body temperature, the water will pass through the expanded capillaries. The breathing holes are excreted and the body temperature is lowered. The body guarantees survival through the flow of water.
5. Maintain cells: Water promotes cell metabolism, maintains normal cell morphology, and keeps skin moist and elastic.
6. Balance blood: Water can improve the circulation of blood and tissue fluids and help balance the viscosity and pH of blood.

[The demand for drinking water]
1. Adults consume about 2,500 ml of water per day and get about 1000 ml from food, so they need to drink about 1,500 ml per day.
2. There are also eight glasses of water a day, which covers the time from morning to night before going to bed to ensure adequate water intake.

- Drinking water today: Helps you record daily water intake.
- Daily water consumption: Different people make different drinking plans.
- Target water intake: You can set a daily water intake target and check the progress of the target in real time.

So, for your health, don't forget to drink water. Download this drinking app quickly, drink it together, stick to the water and punch, and finally become drinking!
Water Intake - Daily Drank 1.5 Update
2019-07-07 Version History
1. Fix the problem that the application animation is not smooth.
2. Correct the problem that the sound is abnormal when the amount of drinking water changes.
3. Fix the problem that the user name is logged incorrectly.
4. Improve the app experience.
5. Support more language localization
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