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WeCom-Work Communication&Tools Description
WeCom is a business communication and office collaboration tool developed by Tencent WeChat Team. WeCom provides the same communication experience as WeChat and connects with WeChat in an all-round manner. It also offers productivity tools such as Document, Meeting, Email, Calendar, and WeDrive, and flexible OA apps for effective business communication and management.
WeCom provides exclusive industry solutions for retail, education, government, manufacturing, catering, financial services and other industries, helping various industries to better serve users on WeChat. WeCom has been widely adopted by millions of leading organizations, including Xibei Restaurant, Rainbow, P&G, Cartier, WalMart, IKEA, Bank of China, PICC, Deppon Express, Changan Automobile, Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School, Affiliated High School of South China Normal University, Guangzhou Haizhu Bureau of Education, Longhua District Education Bureau, and Shenzhen Taxation Bureau.

1. Provides a communication environment to work with colleagues
[Ease of Use] Creating a user-friendly experience consistent with WeChat.
[Reliable Storage] Messages are synchronized between devices and stored in the cloud.
[Effective Communication] Message read status is shown for the sent.
[Corporate Directory] Supports import and centralized management of member information.

2. Connect with WeChat in an all-round manner
[Exchange Messages] Add WeChat users as contacts and offer services via private or group chats.
[Contact Customers] Companies can view and manage the customers added by members. Various tools such as Broadcast Messages and Chat Toolbar are available.
[Customer Group] Manage the customer groups of members via tools such as Anti-harassment and Group Template.
[Customer Moments] Posts about activities and product updates can be shared to Moments.
[Channel] Invite customers to check activities and live videos through private chats, group chats, and Moments. Show members in the homepage and the live room to add contacts.
[WeChat Customer Service] Provide consistent consulting experiences. Invite WeChat users to add members to upgrade services.
[Partner Space] Manage the contacts of distributors, suppliers in one place. Use Document, Meeting and other tools and share apps across companies.
[Inheritance from Former Employees] Customers of former members can be reassigned without customers' confirmation.
[Company Pay] Companies can receive or pay money to users and send Red Packets.

3. Integrate multiple productivity tools and OA apps
[Document] Provide rich editing capabilities and stable experience. Invite colleagues, customers or other contacts to collaborate.
[Meeting] Provide stable meeting experience and integrate screen sharing, e-whiteboard, meeting control, meeting recording, and meeting minutes.
[Email] Integrate the security and green anti-spam, supporting mutual reference with various tools.
[Calendar] Organize online and offline meetings, view busy schedules and manage public calendars, and invite colleagues, WeChat customers, upstream and downstream.
[WeDrive] Allow flexible permission and sharing business data with colleagues or other contacts.
[OA Apps] Preset tools, such as Attendance, Reports, Announcement, Meeting and Forum.

4. Open capabilities
[Retail Industry] Open APIs for Contact Customers, Customer Group, and Customer Moments.
[Education Industry] Open APIs for Contact Parents, Education Bureau-School Interconnection.
[Government Affair Industry] Open APIs for Contact Residents are available.
[Office and Collaboration] Open APIs for Attendance, Calendar, WeDoc and Meeting are available.
[Developer Share] Answer questions and share experiences to make progress together.

5. Security and management
[All-round Safeguard] WeCom is the first domestic office product to pass SOC2Type2 auditing and has obtained ISO27018, ISO20000, and ISO27001, securing data in an all-round way.
WeCom-Work Communication&Tools 4.0.8 Update
2022-06-21 Version History
I.Optimized Productivity Tools and Basic Experience
1. Document
- Notification rules can be customized by users to ensure targeted and efficient delivery of document messages.
- Multiple document admins can be set, and admins can modify other members' permission, making it easier for multiple members to manage documents.
2. WeDrive
- Shared albums can be created in WeDrive, making it easier to share images and videos with company members and externals.
3. Meeting
- You can book meetings more conveniently in events and emails, check the availability of participants with one click, and efficiently select the meeting time.
4. Attendance
- Correction of missed punch is supported for overtime.

II. Upgraded Connect with WeChat
1. WeChat Customer Service
- Send the QR code to the Official Account admin to scan and confirm it, and then you can access WeChat Customer Service in the Official Account. Upon access, users can send a message to the Official Account or tap the menu to initiate a consultation.
- Reception hours can be set to weekdays. The service hours of each customer service account can be flexibly modified as needed.
2. Broadcast Messages
- Employees can broadcast the content they create to all their customers with one click, so as to serve customers more efficiently.

III. Upgraded Partner Space Management
1. Creation
- You can add external contacts and distributors or suppliers in WeChat contacts quickly as partner space contacts to manage them centrally.
- You can view the invitation progress of partner space and invite companies and members that have not joined with one click, enriching the partner space contacts of your company easily.
- You can create up to 20 partner spaces for a single company, making it easier to manage business partners with various roles.
2. Collaboration
- You can use Doc, Live Video, and Meeting in the chat toolbar, making collaboration between partner space companies closer.
- "Only internal and partner space members" can be set for live videos, making the partner space live video info more secure.
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