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WeightLifts: Lift,Track,Repeat

WeightLifts: Lift,Track,Repeat

Track Your Workouts!

2.2.2 for iPhone

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WeightLifts: Lift,Track,Repeat Description
This is a simple app for tracking your weight-lifting workouts! With it you can:

- Quickly and easily navigate between exercises

- Synchronize your workout data with Apple Health

- Easily create as many workouts as you like

- Add your own exercises or choose from preinstalled ones! You can specify:
- core muscle group (chest, shoulders, legs, etc.),
- primary muscle (bicep, tricep, pectoralis, deltoids, etc.),
- secondary muscle (bicep, tricep, pectoralis, deltoids, etc.),
- picture, and
- description.

- Track the Weight, and Reps for each set of each exercise

- Mark exercises as favourites

- Group exercises into workouts

- Arrange exercises in order in workouts

- View exercise history

- See a graph of your progress for a given exercise

- View Exercise Statistics like
-Date of last set,
-Days Since Last Set,
-Latest Average Weight,
-Latest Average Reps,
-Latest number of sets,
-The weight you started at,
-The Max Weight,
-The Max Reps at Max Weight,
-Rate of Change over time( (latest Ave Weight - Starting Weight)/(Date Range))
-Rate of Change over Workouts ((latest Ave. Weight - Starting Weight)/(total # of workouts) -more to
be added.

- Rotate your device to see a chart of your progress!

- See how many times each muscle group was worked to help you get a better idea of which groups you are overdoing and which groups you are under-doing.

- Display a summary of the days workout including
- the number of exercises you did today,
- which exercises were done today, and
- How many calories you burned in this workout and your current heart rate (requires bluetooth HR monitor: the Polar H7 works, I'm not sure about others though.)

Who This App Is Not For:
- People who have just started weightlifting or who are looking for a pocket personal trainer.
- People who are looking for instructional exercise videos and training programs.
WeightLifts: Lift,Track,Repeat 2.2.2 Update
2018-12-03 Version History
** fixed a bug causing crashes in version 2.2.1, when trying to do an exercise, sorry!

- Integration with Apple Health! Save your workout, heart rate, and calories burned!
- Heart rate and calorie calculations (can be enabled and disabled under HeartRate in Settings)
- Revamped home screen with a calendar showing days worked out: swipe (left) up to 1 year back!
- Units! Add, edit, and convert between units! Tap the Unit value when doing an exercise to change to another unit, add units in settings. The top unit in the unit settings is the default unit.
To use the HR and calorie features, you need to
1. Pair a bluetooth HR monitor with your iPhone through the bluetooth settings on your phone. I know the Polar H7 chest strap works (it's the only one I have), so please let me know if other types do or don't work!
2. Set your weight, age, and sex in Apple Health, these are needed to calculate calories! The formula(s) used are:

Male: Calories = ((-55.0969 + (0.6309 * Heart Rate) + (0.1988 * Weight) + (0.2017 * Age)) / 4.184) * minutes

Female: Calories = ((-20.4022 + (0.4472 * Heart Rate) - (0.1263 * Weight) + (0.074 * Age)) / 4.184) * minutes

3. Allow WeightLifts to access your Apple Health data.


- I had to remove the export to CSV function as it needs a bit of work: trying to export a ton of exercises results in the phone thinking the app froze and then closing the app.

Version 2.2.1 has minor bug fixes from version 2.2
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Eamonn Alphin
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