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WilhelmSK Description
WilhelmSK is a highly customizable display, monitoring and control dashboard for your boat.

WilhelmSK can connect to a Signal K server like the Signal K Node Server or a Signal K gateway like the iKommunicate.

It can also connect directly to some devices:
º NMEA 0183 over TCP or UDP. (from for example, Digital Yacht's Smart WLN10)
º Any modern Navico (Lowrance, Simnet or B&G) GoFree MFDs
º NMEA 2000 via Yacht Device's YDWG-02
º Victron Venus GX or CCGX
º Victron VRM
º Chetco SeaSmart Devices
º Chetco HelmSmart

RayMarine Auto Pilot Support (via node-server or the YDWG only)
º View or change current mode (Standby, Auto, Wind, Track)
º View current target heading or Wind direction
º Change target heading or Wind direction
º Acknowledge "Turn To Waypoint'

Active Captain:
º You can view Active Captain Points of Interest and review or comment on them.
º Go to Settings->Appearance to show Active Captain Points of Interest on the maps.

Alarms and Notifications
º View list of current current alarms
º Acknowledge RayMarine "Turn To Waypoint' *
º Push notification support *
º Setup server side alarms *
º Set an anchor alarm with the push of a button *

Navionics Maps
If you already have the Navionics Boating application with an active subscription, you can now use the same Navionics charts in WilhelmSK. Ensure you are a registered user with Navionics and have a Username and Password. If you have not registered, go to the Navionics Boating App’s Main Menu, click on the top “Me” option and then click Login. In WilhelmSK click the login button on the bottom right of the map and enter your Navionics login information.

- Raymarine MFD: display and interact with a RayMarine MFD (discovered via Bonjour)
- Fusion stereo (control zone volumes, source input, play, pause etc.)
- Create a gauge for any value available via SignalK
- Sophisticated anchor alarm (requires node server and signalk-anchoralarm-plugin)
- Customize gauge display using SignalK meta.zones
- Customize gauge range, min/max, etc.
- Save custom gauges to node server or the cloud for use on other devices
- Wind Angle gauges can optionaly be rotated so that they always point ot the bow of the boat, regaurless of device positioning
- Place gauges by long pressing on a gauge and choosing a differnt one
- Make a gauge full screen by double tapping
- Multiple layout support. Create a differnt layout for Steaming, Sailing, Home Monitoring, etc.
- Customize the nuber of pages and their layout
- Manuall connection configuration synced accross devices via iCloud
- Automatic connection selection based on current ip (usefull when Bonjour is not available and you have multiple boats)
- Two themes, dark and light
- Animated gauge needles
- iPad Slideover and Split View support (Your gauge configuration can be customized for these views)
- Connections can be configured to be refreshed manually or at a specific time interval
- Design your own custom gauge templates
- Share your custom templates via Air Drop, eMail, Text, etc.
- Edit ApplyTV or other device layouts and templates remotely using your iPhone or iPad
- Most gauges can be configured to be digital or analog
- Enter the SignalK path and title for any gauge to show data not supported by default
- Displays AIS targets in the Map views
- Configure node server plugins inside of the app
- IP and RTSP camera display

* Some advanced features require signalk-server-node and special plugins installed. Setup Instructions at https://github.com/sbender9/wilhelmsk-node-server-setup
WilhelmSK 1.11.0 Update
2019-09-01 Version History
* Made Watch update rate configurable
* Implemented tack buttons on autopilot control
* Added new 2x2, 2x3 and 2x1x2 grid Watch gauges
* Thermostat gauge paths are now configurable
* Added support for Chetco dimmers
* Added SeaSmart support
* Added HelmSmart support
* Added the ability to change the bluetooth device for Fusion stereos
* Added ability to enable/disable alarms to stereo for Fusion
* Added a new Red color theme
* Added more debugging/logging for non Signalk sources:
* Added support for the signalk-buddylist-plugin
* Added support to display notes
* Added the ability to clear notification
* Show AIS basestations on the Maps
* Added support for Victron Venus digital inputs
* Added ability to show the device location on maps when not on the boat
* Added a Switch w/ LED gauge
* Made so Advanced Gauge Options shows the gauge with the same proportions
* Made the Log/Tree viewer show multiple lines of text
* Support more values for the state of switches (closed, high, yes, etc.)
* Added a LED gauge
* Added a MiltiSwitch to support switches with multiple values (works with Victron charger/inverter)

* Fixed crash with some Venus/VRM installs
* Fixed crash on selecting playback
* Fixed Fusion unmute not working for N2K connections
* Fixed issue with needles not getting draw when going back to Gauges
* Fixed issue with needles not getting draw when going back to Gauges
* Fixed Position gauge craswhing on the Watch
* Fixed TWS not showing on AWA&TWA watch gauge
* Fixed digital gauges font size when maximized
* Fixed crash when there's an error importing a layout
* Fixed notification silence and turn to waypoint on the watch

From 1.10.1
* Added AWA & TWA Gauge
* Map performance/battery usage improvements
* Fix blank screen and broken cancel button in Active Captain login
* Fix crash when first selecting Navionics Maps
* Fixed history playback

From 1.10.0:
* Added direct device support for NMEA 2000 via Yacht Device's YDGW-02
* Added direct device support for Vicron Venus devices
* Added auto detect for Digital Yacht's Smart WLN10
* Added auto detect for Navico (Lowrance, Simnet or B&G) GoFree MFDs
* Added auto detect for Yacht Device's YDGW-02 sending on UDP port 2002
* Added control of NMEA 2000 Digital Switching devices
* Added support for more NMEA 0183 sentences
* Added support for NMEA 2000 over 0183 ($PCDIN sentence)
* Added support for NMEA 0183 UDP connections
* Fixed connecting to the iKommunicate over the cloud
* Fixed crash with null/empty notifications
* Fixed playback not working with latest node server
* Fixed anchor warning radius circle not getting updated when changed
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166.1 MB
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Scott Bender
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