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Xavion Description
In flight, Xavion constantly imagines engine-failed glides to every runway in gliding range, and then shows you the safest-possible route as a Highway-In-The-Sky to take to an airport in the event of engine failure. This, finally, gives you guidance after an engine failure that is based on energy-management all the way down, where the computer does the glide-planning for you… you just fly through the hoops to the runway. Xavion also has instrument approaches in 3-D for the United States, so you can simply select any approach and then fly through the hoops to fly it!

As well, Xavion tracks other airplanes via ADS-B, and memorizes their location to track their WAKE TURBULENCE, moving the wake turbulence down and with the wind over time, showing the wake turbulence as little spiraling tornados. Finally, an App that tracks and shows you the wake turbulence of other airplanes.

As well, Xavion gets ADS-B weather if you have a portable receiver, and displays it, including the new icing, turbulence, and lightning products. Xavion also gets METARS and winds aloft from the internet if you have a WIFI or cell signal to help you plan before a flight!

Also, Xavion checks your weight and balance, and even estimates your takeoff distance and compares that to the length of the runway that you are about to take off on to warn you if the available runway length from your current location is marginal for a safe take-off.

Also, Xavion estimates time and fuel burn at all different altitudes to any destination, showing you the time and fuel burn required for each altitude enroute, so you can pick the best altitude.

Xavion, and Xavion alone in the sky, gives engine-failure guidance and wake-turbulence avoidance.

All USA VFR and IFR charts and plates are included with base subscription.

Terms of use and Privacy Policy can be found at:

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Xavion 2.76 Update
2020-12-29 Version History
Now with quick emergency off-airport fields.
Here's how it works:
If you are ever directly over a field that you would like to keep in mind as a possible emergency site later, just push and HOLD the map at that exact location.
Once you have held your thumb down on the map for about 2 seconds, an emergency field will be placed there.
Then, Xavion will color that field based your ability to glide there in current wind conditions continuously (green for easy access, red for barely able to make it) just like we do with airports.
No HOOPS are presented, because we DON'T have a RUNWAY we can line up with, but accessibility is shown as the color of the field on the map when in the default Xavion map.
Push and HOLD the field again to delete it, and send your fields to other iPads in the PREFS menu to share the fields with friends or your other phones or pads.
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3,389.3 MB
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X-Avionics, LLC
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