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XSealed Description
Keep your secrets hidden

XSealed is the professionals’ choice in locking away all the data you need to keep really secret without fear that anyone will ever get to it.

We have built in user configurable locks, encryption, safety recovery system which only you have access to and many other privacy features which are unique to XSealed.

XSealed is all about protecting you, your data, your family and your livelihood because when some sensitive information is compromised it can have a dramatic and sometimes catastrophic effect on your life.

XSealed is a one stop solution for your safety. Once you start entering some private pictures or information you won’t need any other security package.

You can import from Dropbox, iCloud or your other apps straight into the vault where it is automatically encrypted. Send anything from your vault out whilst retains a secure copy in your vault. Whatever you do, your vault remains intact and untouchable.


Simple - the interface is designed for simplicity especially for technophobes

Fast - Takes seconds to set your access locks and even quicker every time to enter your vault

Government grade max security - the vault is designed to keep everyone out and your secrets safe with bullet proof features

Multi Locks enrolment and access - choose and configure up to 3 locks to gain vault access. Like your front door, the more locks you have the more secure your contents

Keys are not stored anywhere - unlike physical ones, XSealed keys are stored as hashes and the only place they are stored is in your head

Vault recovery - if you forget one or more keys, your vault is recoverable with your own unique credentials

Encryption - everything that is saved or sent to XSealed vault is encrypted and decrypted dynamically

Vault box types include - pictures & videos, documents, cards & credentials, notes, contacts where you can store virtually any private piece of information

Private Browser - visit your favourite browsers in the protected vault room. Private browsers or incognito mode in other apps can leave sensitive web sites exposed next time the browser is opened. XSealed private browser never leaves anything in memory or displayed at any time

Password Manager - powerful inbuilt and easily configurable password manager creates strong passwords with auto logon to your private browsing whist inputing credentials automatically. This means you never have to remember unbreakable passwords and everything happens whilst you are in the vault. Exit the vault and nothing is remembered or displayed

Credit card capture - quick auto scan reads your credit card and captures to your credit card vault

Memory Wipe - every time the vault is exited, XSealed scrambles the data that would normally retain in memory. It’s a fact that memory still retains data even if the device is powered off so could be compromised if interrogated

Secure backups - if you lose or upgrade your phone the backup can be restored easily. Backups are encrypted and include the same locks but the keys are not stored so backup hacking is virtually impossible. In effect, the backups are as secure as your vault

Stay safe and protected - anything that you save on your mobile device or cloud is vulnerable and in some case easy pickings to get in to. Your device can be stolen, lost, lent, handed over for repair or even used whilst you are asleep. At any time the device is physically out of your hands it could be hacked or broken into revealing virtually everything and anything that is stored on the device and that includes your most private and sensitive information. Even if someone has the PIN or code to look at your device, they will not be able to get into your vault

XSealed is free to try with a monthly subscription

EULA Terms: https://xsealed.com/EULA.txt
XSealed 1.11 Update
2020-09-22 Version History
Bug fixes and performance improvements
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129.7 MB
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