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Zombie Doom: FPS Headshot Carn Description
The year is 2060. A new vaccine introduced in 2035 has caused an infection throughout the human race. The infection has turned most of the population into the doomsday walking dead predator; a Zombie. The earth is run over by the doomsday zombie predator plague. The dreaded doomsday Zombie Apocalypse is finally upon the human race. The zombie predator swarm terrorizes the surface, turning every survivor into a zombie that comes across it. The monster predator spare no one.
The doomsday Zombie Apocalypse has forced the remaining survivors to live in deep underground dungeon survival. The dungeon survival is the only way safe from the swarm and pandemic. Humans have to scavenge for survival and resources. The most valuable being ammo. The walking dead can only be executed by guns. Nothing else stops the predator. Headshot target is the only way to save ammo.
For years, after the doomsday Armageddon the humans were safe in the dungeon survival but now that has changed too. Zombie predator has gained access to the dungeon and humanity’s survival is in doom. Now, it is up to you to execute and kill a zombie. Save ammo. Headshot target is the only way!
UET Game Studio presents yet another exciting and engaging game: Zombie Doom: FPS Headshot Carnage. An FPS zombie survival where you are tasked to protect the survival of last of humanity. Execute the zombie predator swarm and save everyone from the apocalypse. The infection will spread and everyone will turn into a monster unless you step up. The doomsday pandemic must be stopped from spreading. Clear the dungeon from all the walking dead before the swarm gets to you and others.
Zombies like never before:
The FPS game features the zombie horde like never seen before. Stunning 3D graphics make the monster terrorizing and instill a horror in the player. You won’t be able to sleep after playing this one, it’s that much sinister.
Feel the scare of the walking dead:
The music is as haunting and as sinister as the graphics. FPS music and sound effects within the game will give you a real life feel and scare. Feel what it’s like to have an actual headshot target. Hear what an actual Ak47 gun sounds like.
Gun and Ammo:
The game features actual guns. Experience the recoil of the gun as you discharge the ammo into the target doomsday predator horde. Every shot counts as ammo for guns is as valuable as gold. Headshot target is the only way. Ak47, Shotguns etc. are all at your disposal.
Kill ‘em all:
There are two modes in the game; Career Mode and Endless. Complete missions by killing the doomsday zombie apocalypse horde and proceed further. Execute them all before your health bar ends. In Endless mode, the whole predator zombie Armageddon swarm is upon you to cause the infection. Kill a maximum number of the walking dead monster before the horde infection gets to you.
Innovative Gameplay:
The doomsday walking dead predator monster is upon you, execute it! Zombie Doom: FPS Headshot Carnage features an innovative gameplay which is uncharacteristic of zombie shooter fps games. The sinister environment might haunt you but we’ve equipped you with all. Run, Crotch, jump or fire, execute the walking dead zombie anyway you like.
The zombies' virus is incurable. Predator virus effects all. Survival is the key. Battle the virus on the frontier and hold the frontier to stop the outbreak. Hunting zombies at frontier is the only way.
Save everyone from the Doom. Execute the zombie!
If this game was as sinister for you as we hoped and you had fun killing the walking dead by gun, then please If you like our games please click on the button "More by this developer" and please guys give us your feedback by rating and reviewing our games.
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Website: http://www.uetgamestudio.kics.edu.pk/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/uetgamestudio/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UET_Game_Studio
Email: uetgs@kics.edu.pk
Zombie Doom: FPS Headshot Carn V2 Update
2019-01-11 Version History
new levels added, graphics improved.
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348.1 MB
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