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Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes Description
Slam giant, super powered pinballs into waves of adorkable zombies - it’s a new hot-take on Classic Pinball fused with Tower Defense! Grab your copy today to see for yourself the hot new game that is making a name for itself on Apple Arcade!

-Fight adorkable zombies in a cartoon world
-A next-gen pinball experience combined with tower defense
-Try, fail, then try again - the game will change each time you play for infinite replayability!
-Discover and unlock hundreds of powers and trinkets for your heroes
-Unique Zombie Bosses change up the challenge

Choose your Hero, hop aboard a Pinball Ballista and explore a constantly changing world in this epic new game. You’ll have to stay one step ahead of the Zombie Plague, fight through hordes of zombies, and face each unique Zombie Boss in order to carry the day. The game changes each run through, so you can play again and again to collect all of the heroes, defeat each zombie boss, and become a Pinball Hero!
Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes 1.5.0 Update
2021-12-01 Version History
New Features
-Add ranking system to battles to show players a quick summary of how they did during that battle.
-Add collection VFX to loot items.
-Add glow VFX and rarity to loot items.
-Add a hint when trying to open a chest in the mini-stage when the player doesn't have a key.
-Add hints to the game over panel to help players on their next run.
-Add a danger indicator on Zombie Heads when they are about to shoot.
-Add a “Revive” function to allow the player to return to the map after losing a battle in Normal mode.

Bug Fixes
-Fix a bug where the item Shop Surplus can cause tiles to go underground.
-Fix several language bugs in the Arabic language.
-Fix a bug in the tutorial that makes some zombies deal no damage.
-Fix a bug where the Constitution stat may not update immediately after receiving items that affect Constitution.
-Fix a bug with the UI, as it can get stuck if the player discards all of their items.
-Fix a bug with the Fire Slash skill. When retrieving the ball while Fire Slash is triggered, it can cause the ball to become incorrectly positioned on the Ballista.
-Fix a bug with an event where the player can be moved to a random tile on the boss island and
the game gets stuck.
-Fix a bug where quickly switching between the menu and game may result in the BGM cutting out.
-Fix a bug where sometimes during a cinematic, other UI VFX’s can be played when they shouldn't.
-Fix a bug where some boss attacks are not cleaned up after a battle is completed.

-Increase Boss HP and Shield HP in Normal mode by 20% and 15% respectively.
-Improve UI for Elite levels to make their difficulty display better.
-Improve UI description for portals, indicating their possible destination.
-Adjust Tutorial for more clarity.
-Improve Tutorial map movement hint.
-Add hit feedback on map when receiving damage.
-Adjust Cloned balls such that they disappear when entering a mini-stage.
-Remove ability to discard trinkets in battle.
-Prevent some Complex and Elite levels from appearing in new player’s runs.
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