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25 Pair Color Code Description
Easy to use, 25 Pair Color Code expanding chart. Search for pairs by color code, sheath count, custom start pair #, cable count (including dead count) or reverse cable count.

Supported cable types:
25 pair common (25 to 900 pair cable)
100 pair bundle (900 to 3000 pair cable)
300 pair bundle (3600 to 4200 pair cable)

**The 100 pair bundle selection comes in handy while working in pulp cables too! (Gives you the 100pr bundle to look for tone.)

This app shall be used only as a handy secondary reference tool as we know there are mistakes made in the field and incorrect records that always need to be taken into account. Use of a tone source as a primary identifier will always be more accurate.

Locate color codes with or without cable counts using the 'Find a Pair' option. Click the Search icon at the top right and enter a Sheath Pair # without a cable count or enter a 'Cable,Pair' if using a cable count (app auto detects if there is a cable count or not). The app will then auto expand and place index pointers at the pair's found locations and also places the searched for pair's 25 pair combination in the title bar.

~Input Cable Count Screen
While not necessary to use in the app. You can enter a full complex cable count that can be split into the cable type of your choice (common 25 pair, 100 pair bundle or 300 pair bundle).

1) Select the round Cable Type button
2) Enter cable count
3) Optionally select a position to save count to
4) Click the "Color Code" button

Saving a cable by position turns the Search Button Icon and related cable count text box borders to a distinguishable color for keeping track of which cable is being currently used within the app.
Cable1 = Blue
Cable2 = Orange
Cable3 = Green
Custom Start Pair (Without cable count) = Red
Unsaved count or Start pair is #1 = Slate

Smart Save radio button color key:
Green = vacant
Black = existing count stored
Red = existing count to be overwritten
Blue = saved successfully

To remove a previously saved cable count. Select the position to be deleted and long click the Clear button.

~Double Space Auto Punctuation:
Easily enter a cable count using the apps built in double space auto-punctuation feature by:
1) Enter cable name followed by 2 spaces (app automatically places a comma)
2) Enter the low pair range followed by 2 spaces (app automatically places a dash)
3) Enter the high pair range followed by 2 spaces (app automatically drops down for next line of count)
25 Pair Color Code 5.01.06 Update
2020-02-26 Version History
Thanks for choosing my 25 Pair CC app! This update includes a new "Big" pair search option and an even faster cable count entry enhancement.

New "Big" search feature option:
When searching for a pair, the app user can now select the "Big" search option to have only their located pair's color code and numeric location values shown.

'Speed Counts' cable entry enhancement:
While entering a cable count, the Cable ID autocomplete text bar now also looks into the 3 saved cable count positions for possible matching Cable ID's.
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10.5 MB
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Grant Thompson
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