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Screenshots for iPhone AI & ML & AR News Description, brings together the best news on AI topics from reliable sources and platforms. We've curated and vetted the content, so you don't have to worry about its veracity and usefulness. We understand that your time is limited. That's why we only include those articles that will benefit you the most.
For ease of use, we've divided into three distinct sections — News, Social Media Engagement and Chat. Below is a brief description on what you can expect from each section.
AI News — The news section of the app brings together news from a variety of trusted and reliable sources around the web and beyond. These are divided into several main topics, so it's easy for you to find articles that interest you. Our main topics include:
• Artificial intelligence
• AI in healthcare
• AI in finance
• Autonomous driving and Self-Driving Cars
• Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)
• Virtual reality (VR)
• Conversational AI
• Computer vision
• Data science
• Deep learning
• IoT (internet of things)
• Machine learning (ML)
• Natural language processing (NLP)
• Robotics
• Tech startups
• Major AI events.

Social Media Engagement — Our social media section curates popular video posts, tweets and images from social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and Meetup. You can even watch interviews from some of the most famous AI contributors in the world directly from the app. We believe that solid news coverage should include social media as well as more traditional news sources. We introduce you to the people currently making an impact in AI fields. We share their bios as well as the contributions of these AI influencers from around the globe.

Chat — So much is happening in AI fields today, and we know you want to share your thoughts and insights with other people with similar interests. We make this easy with our chat function, where you can connect with other app users in our one-to-one and global chat rooms. Like our other sections, our chat rooms are divided into our main topic categories, although there may be a little overlap.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we interact with others, how we manage our households, how we travel, how we learn and how we do business. Whether it's being able to adjust the temperature and lighting in your home using IoT, traveling in a self-driving car or having a robot perform delicate manufacturing tasks, AI is making our business and personal lives easier in a myriad of ways. AI technology changes almost daily. That's why we've launched the AINews app. To easily keep you abreast of what's new in AI fields and learn the new ways this technology is being used, both at home and abroad.

Society has only begun to tap the potential of AI. We want you to be able to stay current with this fast-paced, rapidly-evolving technology and learn ways you can use AI to improve your company's performance as well as your family's quality of life. Our mission at AINews is to make keeping up on AI technology fun and easy.

If you're interested in what's new in AI, Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Self-Driving Cars, IoT, Deep Learning, VR, AR, MR and how it can affect your life, we invite you to join us at AINews. To learn more and to download the app, visit us at AI & ML & AR News 1.1.4 Update
2020-03-07 Version History
- Faster UI
- More informative Meetup section
- Minor performance update
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