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Animal Voices For Kids Description
The Animal Voices For Kids introduction:
Animal is the friend of mankind, human beings have an innate sense of closeness to the animal, especially the kids. In every child's childhood, animal is definitely an important role, so the zoo is one of children's love go. This animal calls software aimed at creating a moment to look at the animal, can listen to the animal sound environment for children, let the child's childhood companion animal.

Baby friends: to help children understand the animal, improve the auditory recognition ability, to cultivate sound interest;

Voice collection: cover almost all of the animal sound;

Image: synchronous sound and picture synchronization, and touch the visual and auditory;

Small memory: mobile phone occupies smaller memory, clean software group.

Farm home: cock, hen, duck, goose, dog, pig, cat, rabbit, basset, lamb, sheep, chaffinch, German shepherd, the old cattle and donkey......

Mountain forest: tiger, foxes, wolves, brown bear, panda, baboons, bears, chimpanzees, monkeys, lemurs, raccoon, chipmunks, capuchin monkeys, squirrel......

Large birds: swans, eagles, geese, quail, dove, pigeon, peacock, owl, crow, Red Crowned Crane, crane, eagles, Thunderbird, seagull......

Small birds: cuckoo, hummingbirds, thrush, oriole, tit, sparrows, nuthatch, parrot, lark, little swallow, Nightingale, Robin, magpie......

Marine lakes: killer whales, polar bears, crocodiles, seals, fur seals, dolphins, beluga, penguin, beaver, buffalo, flamingo, otters, sea lions, walrus......

Grassland: Lion, zebra, leopard, elephant, yak, hippopotamus, black panther, elk, rhinoceros, deer, giant anteaters, wildebeests, coyote...

Reptile insect: grasshopper, gecko, cicada, butterflies, grasshoppers, mouse, crickets, cobra, flies, wasps and beetles, bees, dragonflies, mosquito......

Super dinosaur:Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. The carnivorous dinosaur, show jaws dragon, Dilophosaurus, Chi dragon, eoraptor, gallimimus and colorful Guanlong......

Other summary:cormorants, bats, Turkey, monster, dogs, toad, dragon, camel, pheasant, badger......
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36.9 MB
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shaoru wang
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