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You can vote for the specified question once a day. After one day, you will have the right to vote again.
Voting results will be available in a few seconds to a minute, and you will be able to see the results together with other people's votes.
Voting is a secret ballot and your voting behavior is not recorded in any specific way.

Show your opinion to society through voting. Also, please refer to the voting results.

Question 1 asks whether the United States supports or disagrees with the president. In Japan, we ask if we support the Prime Minister.

Question 2 asks whether you support or disagree with the ruling party, which is the support base of the president or the prime minister.

This app can only be voted if you live in the United States or Japan. In addition, the GPS function and address search function must be enabled.
This app accesses the network to vote and aggregate voting results.
Even if you have multiple devices such as iPhone and iPad, please vote only from one device once a day.
The daily break in this app is based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Therefore, if you vote just before UTC, you can vote again immediately after UTC as the next day. After that, you will not be able to vote until the next UTC is exceeded.
Voting rights in this app are available if you have an Apple account and are logged in to your device. In addition, voting in the United States requires you to be in one of the states of the United States on GPS. The same is true for voting in Japan. It doesn't matter if you have the right to vote or citizenship in that country.
The acquisition of GPS information in this app is used to confirm that the location of the device is exactly in the voting country such as the United States or Japan and to acquire the voting time.
This app does not collect any personal information. Voting results are added up with the voting information (addition) of other voters, and personal information cannot be identified.
When referring to the past voting results, it may take several minutes to perform the aggregation work if you refer to it first. In that case, please wait for a while with the app running until the counting work is completed.
Voting information and aggregated voting results are managed on the public cloud service provided by Apple Inc.
When you publish the information such as the aggregated results obtained on this app to SNS or media, please be sure to clearly indicate that the information is from this app. Also, don't neglect to be strongly aware of the differences from regular pollsters.
This app is made assuming that the number of votes per day is about 100,000 devices. It is estimated that voting for up to 1 million devices is possible, but if the number of votes exceeds 100,000 / day, it is expected that voting will take longer or voting will fail. I am. In that case, please try voting again in about an hour.
The votes on the first day and the votes on the second and subsequent days after installing the app are managed separately. Regarding the voting results, you can check the aggregated results excluding the first day when you installed the app. This is a function to eliminate fraudulent voting caused by repeatedly installing and deleting apps.
You cannot vote for multiple IDs from one particular device on the same day.
This app will not be available if the public cloud service provided by Apple Inc. is stopped or terminated.
Approval Rating 1.2 Update
2021-01-09 Version History
Supporting iOS14.3
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