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AxReg Description
AxReg is a complete tool for the day-to-day professional of the Anesthesiologist, besides facilitating the anesthetic records changes the reality of the monitoring of productivity indicators of the surgical center.

In this version, called AxReg 4.0, we bring a lot of news to improve your workflow more and more. Between them:

- Design completely refurbished, much simpler and clean prioritizing what matters.
- More safety for the patient with new items such as, laterality insertion.
- Pre-anesthetic evaluation with more options, more complete, categorized and simple to fill.
- Brochure faster, organized and with new functionalities.
- Personal profile, bringing together your settings, personal information and professional statistics in one place.
And much more…

Download now and be part of the admirable world of Anesthesia 4.0

Focus on the user
The interface was developed with a focus on the needs of anesthesiologists professionals, revolutionizing the way of performing the anesthetic record from the pre-anesthetic consultation, through the anesthesia record in the trans-operative to the visits in the post-anesthetic recovery.

In the anesthetic recording screen, the grid is presented in a similar way to the conventional printed anesthetic record for easy identification and understanding. The changes that the application brings are for the sole purpose of making the registration even easier and faster.

Anesthetic record agility
Using simple gestures, such as pressing, pressing + hold and slide, the record of the anesthetic record is performed in real time with the AxReg. In this way, documentation of drug use, infusion pumps, inhalational anesthetics, monitoring and other data related to the anesthetic procedure is performed intuitively, agile and accurate.

Security of data
After the procedure is finished, the application generates a customizable PDF document with all the data related to the anesthetic record and the pre-anesthetic, which can be printed, stored in the cloud, shared by email or other means that the user prefers.

Pre Anesthetic Consultation
As a complete tool, the AxReg allows not only the registration of the anesthetic procedure, but also the register of pre-anesthetic consultations.
At address the professional anesthesiologist has a unique dashboard with his own productivity, hours worked, procedures performed and his personal copy of the record of anesthesia stored in the cloud and available anywhere whenever the professional wishes.
AxReg 4.2.13 Update
2020-02-20 Version History
Have you ever seen a relationship without DR? Not? Neither do I!
It is always necessary an improvement here and another there.
It's no different in ours! We need to talk, I have some things to tell you.
(suspense song)

But it's a good thing, relax!

Today I bring you improvements, bug fixes and updates:

- Allergies, when filling out the preanesthetic if the patient has any previously informed allergies this question will come filled and the anesthesiologist if necessary can edit it.
- Allergies, when opening a procedure, the allergy that will be displayed will be filled in the pre-anesthetic record and if this has not been answered we will still bring the patient's history.
- Added high dosage alert when inserting drugs.
- Information about the risk of VTE on the procedure details screen.
- When selecting compressed air on the grid we now bring the default unit (L) already selected.
- Added the PPM unit (parts per million) for selection when using nitric oxide.
- When filling out the preanesthetic we will bring as selected anesthesiologist the one who fills and saves him as long as he is not a resident.
- Laterality when selected the icon of the human body will turn green.
- Laterality when not informed will appear in the PDF as "does not apply".

Just like summer, we're hot news for you, don't get silly so you don't miss anything!

These and several other improvements are already available in version 4.2.13.
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